20-Year-Old Motorcycle Rider Killed In Kearns Accident Identified

KEARNS, Utah, July 20, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A 20-year-old motorcycle rider killed in a collision in Kearns Wednesday morning has been identified.

Stone Feather Donald Brisbane was killed when his motorcycle, traveling at about 60 mph,  collided with a van at 5600 W. 5400 South, police said.

Unified Police Department spokesman Lt. Lex Bell said crash happened Wednesday at 6:30 a.m.

Bell said the traffic light was yellow and about to turn red when a motorcycle traveling north on 5600 West accelerated. The driver of a 15-passenger blue van was waiting to turn left onto 5400 South, and also saw the light turn yellow. The driver began making the turn, Bell said.

“It doesn’t look as if the people in the van even saw the motorcycle. The motorcycle hit the rear part of the van on the passenger side and burst into flames,” Bell said.

The van then spun around 180 degrees and almost rolled into a UPD vehicle that was stopped at the traffic light.

The Unified police officer who was in that vehicle and witnessed the crash jumped out and rendered aid, Bell said, while also calling a medical helicopter to the scene.

The victim was transported by Life Flight to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, but did not survive. The 30-year-old male driver of the van and his passenger, who was in his 20s, were unhurt.

Bell said the victim was wearing both a helmet and protective gear, but it is likely he had internal injuries, which the helmet would not protect against.

Both roads, 5600 West and 5400 South, were shut down with only right turns allowed, but have since reopened.

Bell said that the message from law enforcement in cases like this is that if a light is yellow and you have to speed up to make it through, that is a mistake. “Don’t try to beat lights,” he said.

UPD as well as Unified Fire, West Valley City Police and state incident management responded to the scene.


  1. My son was killed while riding his motorcycle to work, when someone made a Left turn in front of him on a yellow light. My son, Stonefeather Brisbane was killed when Jaun Dominguez, the driver of the 15 passenger van, turn the left on a yellow light with a motorcycle on coming northbound, was not even cited for unsafe left turn. My son modified his motorcycle to make it louder so people would hear him from a mile away. If an officer could hear him accelerate why couldn’t the driver of that 15 passenger van hear the motorcycle coming let alone see him. People should be aware that motorcycles accelerate through yellow lights. If they try to break they flip over the front of the motorcycle and it causes an accident. I guess if you say you didn’t hear him or you didn’t see him then you get out of a ticket or any kind of punishment for killing someone even if it’s an accident!


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