3 injured in tour bus crash near Kanab

Three people were injured after a crash involving a tour bus near Kanab Thursday morning. Photo Courtesy: Utah Highway Patrol

KANAB, Utah, April 4, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Three people were injured in a crash involving a tour bus near Kanab Thursday morning.

The crash happened on eastbound U.S. Route 89 at mile post 35 just after 10:20 a.m., according to a news release from the Utah Highway Patrol.

“A loaded tour bus was following a 2019 Yukon XL eastbound at the 65 mph limit, with several cars behind the bus,” the news release said. “The male Yukon driver activated the right turn signal and slowed, preparing to turn onto a gravel county road. The bus driver could see that there were no oncoming vehicles, and appropriately signaled before moving into the oncoming lane to pass the slowing Yukon.”

Just as the bus came alongside, the Yukon driver decided to turn left instead of right. The Yukon driver swerved to the left, directly into the path of the bus.

“The bus impacted the Yukon squarely on the driver and left rear passenger doors, in T-bone fashion,” the news release said.

“The bus carried the Yukon off the left, or north, side of the highway, where the Yukon rolled several times.”

The male driver of the Yukon and a male passenger seated behind him were transported by helicopter to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George. A female passenger was also severely injured, and was airlifted to Dixie Regional after she was initially transported by ground ambulance to the Kane County Hospital in Kanab.

No passengers on the bus were seriously injured or required further treatment after they were transported to Kanab on a county bus. The driver of the bus was treated at the scene by EMS personnel, and was not transported, officials said.


  1. We travel this route from Big Water to Kanab and also Hurricane/St George often. The tour bus no doubt was following at a dangerous position as we encounter EVERY SINGLE TIME. There are times we’ve braked and slowed when all we could see was our SUV’s reflection on the front of the bus. The bus driver gets even closer and then swerves around even on double lined areas (the Short Creek Chevron entrance one time – another through Colorado City etc.) These are always Asian tour companies, and next time we’ll surely have this recorded and file a complaint through the Kane County Highway Patrol. Thankful the Yukon passengers were not killed.


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