New: Bear captured after being treed in Mapleton, 3rd area bruin encounter in last 3 days

The third bear sighting in the same number of days was reported in the Mapleton area Thursday morning. Photo Courtesy: Mapleton Police Department

MAPLETON, Utah, June 20, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — The third bear sighting in the same number of days was reported in the Mapleton area Thursday morning.

A news release from Mapleton Police Department said a resident walking a dog in the area of 1700 N. 600 East at approximately 7:50 a.m. called to report seeing a young bear run across a yard toward the Springville/Mapleton boarder.

Both Mapleton and Division of Wildlife Resource officers responded, the news release said.

“Around 30 minutes later another resident of Mapleton called to say that there was a bear eating from his garbage can,” the news release said. “This was in the area of 500 E. 700 North in Mapleton. Mapleton officers arrived and encountered the bear as it was walking from the area.”

The bear ran across a field and into the church parking lot at 1000 N. 400 East. Officers pursued the bear and were able to scare it up a tree at the church.

“DNR officers arrived within minutes and were able to tranquilize the bear,” the news release said. “After a few pictures with curious residents, the bear was loaded into a DNR vehicle to be relocated immediately. We appreciate the quick and efficient work that DNR provided to our city today.”

The news release added: “When there is a bear sighting public safety takes priority. We are appreciative of how our residents handled today’s situation. They kept their distance, reported the sightings, and supported professionals with needs.”

Police in Springville warned residents of a bear sighting Wednesday morning, just one day after a bear scratched a boy in Hobble Creek Canyon early Tuesday morning.

“We have reports of a bear sighting near 1100 S. Oakleaf Lane,” said a tweet from Springville Police Department at 11 a.m. Wednesday “Please avoid the area for now.”

The sighting of the bear on Wednesday was approximately two miles from the bear sighting Thursday.

“DWR has checked the area and bear made a run for the trees,” a follow up tweet at noon said. “Area is clear to resume your normal activities.”

State wildlife officials warned the public to be alert after a boy was scratched by a bear while camping in Hobble Creek Canyon Tuesday morning.

Oakleaf Lane, where the bear was spotted Wednesday, is adjacent to Canyon Road, which goes through Hobble Creek Canyon.

A news release from the Utah DWR said a bear entered a campground area in the left fork and toward the top of Hobble Creek Canyon on private property at approximately 6 a.m.

A bear disturbed a tent, and the boy received minor scratches on his back, the news release said. Officials added the boy is expected to be OK.

The Utah DWR coordinated with USDA Wildlife Services, and worked together to track and capture the bear, who was then euthanized. The reason it was euthanized is that the bear showed a lack of fear toward people, the news release said.

Utah DWR worked with the U.S. Forest Service to put up notifications at campgrounds in the area, officials said.

For safety tips if you encounter a bear, click here.


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