4 arrested, charged with murder in Kearns drive-by shooting that led to 2 deaths; victims identified

Unified Police on the scene of a shooting and crash that left 2 dead, 1 seriously injured at 5400 S. 5280 West in Kearns. Photo: Gephardt Daily

KEARNS, Utah, Sept. 20, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — Four people, including a juvenile, have been arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting that led to two deaths in Kearns Tuesday night.

According to a police probable cause statement, Jose Luis Munoz-Lugo, 24, Argenis Daniel Ramirez-Saed, 19, and Rosalia A. Alvarez, 19, have been booked into the Salt Lake County Jail charged with two each counts of first degree homicide and five counts of felony discharge of a firearm.

An unnamed 17-year-old has also been charged in the case and booked into the county’s juvenile holding facility.

The deadly chain events began about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday when shots were fired from a blue pickup truck at a home located near 5400 South and 5280 West. Police initially believed the shots were fired at a pedestrian.

Police say the truck was speeding away when it struck a white passenger vehicle, then rolled into the yard of a nearby home.

When Unified Police officers arrived they found two people dead inside the white passenger car and a two others injured inside the blue pickup, one of whom had been shot in the leg.

Investigators were unsure if he had been shot by people returning fire from inside the house or whether he’d accidentally shot himself.

Two other people were seen running from the blue pickup after the crash triggering a massive search effort in the surrounding neighborhood.

Both suspects were ultimately captured and taken to jail.

The chain of events leading up to the shooting and crash are unclear, although police say it was gang-related.

The victims have been identified as Kearns residents Tami Lynn Woodard, 50, and Lloyd Everett Pace, 55.

Police say they were merely innocent bystanders.

From left: Rosalio A. Alvarez, Argenis D. Ramirez-Saed, Jose L. Munoz-Lugo. Photos: Salt Lake County


  1. This is just so sad. I happened to be the best friend whose mother was actually the innocent bystander driving the white vehicle now how sad is that that I couple just left their home and because some for dumb people decided to shoot at a house tjen tries to out run police? Then flips around on tje corner of 5400 south and crashes into their vehicle. And what a tragedy that this couple was pronounced dead at the scene. I hope and I pray that they will never be released from prison and they suffer just as my friends and her family are all suffering. The best advice I could give them is to go to Every parole hearing write letters follow up with police to make sure that this issue is being handled and taking care of considering it’s been four shootings now just in Kearns but yet nothing is being taken and held under control I need can anybody be safe in their homes in the city of Kearns at this point? So many different sides to the story at the end of the day four stupid men made a choice that is going to affect me and my friends her children pretty much the entire family their co-workers their friends and their friends of their friends all over Gang Related issues what is this world become?


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