4 narrowly escape when van goes up in flames in Murray

Photo: Gephardt Daily

MURRAY, Utah, Dec. 28, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Fire crews in Murray were called to a structure fire Friday, and when they arrived, they found that it was actually a van in flames.

Murray Assistant Fire Chief Chad Pascua said the alarm came in at 5:05 p.m..

Four homeless people, ages 50s to 60s, were in the van at 4 E. Regal St. (4690 South).

The four were using a propane heater to keep warm inside the van. Pascua said it isn’t  clear exactly how the fire started, but the flames destroyed the vehicle.

One person was able to get out of the van safely. The other three were taken to the hospital in one ambulance. Pascua said one of them had minor burns on the hands, one had singed forearm hair and small burns, and one had second-degree burns on the hands.

Crews had the fire out quickly, Pascua said. No further information was available regarding the people who were in the van or who owned it.

Pascua added that it’s important to remember that a propane heater should never be used in a closed space because of the fire hazard and because the fumes can be deadly.


  1. We were just trying to keep warm it had been bitter cold i was changing out the propane heator and someone my friend terry decided h knew how to do the job better than me and grabbed the wrench out of my hand put the wrench up buy the tank next thing I know there’s fuel going everywhere in flames and Fire in the air I think he turned the valve rather than turns a fitting turn the valves while turning and fitting by accident subsequently him and his girlfriend fled left us in the van we’re not homeless but the injuries left me without any other way to subsequent my only income of disability


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