50 people trapped by flooding along Strawberry River and Dollar Ridge burn area

At least 50 people were trapped by flooding along the Strawberry River after an inch of rain fell in the area in one hour Sunday, July 22, 2018. Photo: Duchesne County Sheriff David Boren

DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah, July 22, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Sheriff’s deputies, road department workers and firefighters raced to rescue at least 50 people who were trapped by fast-moving water and debris along the Strawberry River near Strawberry Pinnacles and Camelot resort on Sunday.

A news release from the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office said an alert went out from the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City at about 4 p.m., warning everyone about flooding after an inch of rain fell in the area within an hour.

Firefighters immediately went to work to help people who were stranded by the rising waters and debris from the Dollar Ridge Fire, and a helicopter that was assigned to the fire was called in to assist.

Sheriff’s deputies responded, along with county crews bringing heavy equipment to aid in the evacuation effort.

According to the news release, firefighters reported that 30 adults, 13 children and “numerous” pets were at Camelot. Sheriff David Boren said another dozen or so people were west of the resort in the Timber Canyon area as the flooding began.

Boren said the Strawberry River west of Camelot jumped its banks and is “flowing in a new channel down the middle of Strawberry River Road west of Camelot.”

The road suffered heavy damage and is now closed indefinitely. With the road closure, there is no access to Timber Canyon, either.

In the news release, Boren said the incident should be a reminder for those who enjoy visiting areas affected by the Dollar Ridge Fire:

“Given the damage done by the Dollar Ridge Fire, and the slope of the terrain in the burn scar, any amount of rain has the possibility to trigger flash flooding and debris flows. People need to know this and take the proper precautions.”


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