2 critically injured in 8 vehicle Taylorsville crash

Multiple cars were involved in an accident Saturday morning in Taylorsville. Photo: Gephardt Daily

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah, Dec. 10, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — An eight vehicle crash on Saturday morning sent six people to the hospital, some in critical condition, and left investigators trying to piece together what transpired.

The accident occurred at 9:52 a.m. near 4700 South and 2200 West. Of the nine people involved, six were taken to hospitals, two in critical condition and the rest in fair to good condition. One critical patient was later upgraded to serious condition.

“Everybody’s been transported to the hospital,” said Detective Jared Richardson, Unified Police Department. “We do believe there’s a possibility of drugs or alcohol involved in in this incident. That driver appears to be in good condition.”

Richardson said there few witnesses beside those involved, and most of them had been transported from the scene before they could be interviewed. Officers were conducting interviews at the hospital, Richardson said.

“We have our investigators out here, trying to put the pieces back together, but as you can see, there’s about five, six vehicles behind me that were involved in this very serious crash.”

Richardson said although all vehicles stopped in a westbound position, their original travel directions had not yet been determined.

Richardson said it was unknown how much information would be shared by the driver officers believe may be impaired since the man might be facing charges in the case.

The roads were wet, and Richardson said the road condition will be investigated as a contributing factor, as will other circumstances in place at the time of the crash. A CART team of experts in crime-scene reconstruction was called to the scene.

“We have initial reports that someone was ejected, but haven’t been able to confirm that,” Richardson said. “We do know that someone was extracted out.”

Asked what advice he would give, Richardson said drivers should always be aware of there surroundings, even in circumstances that seem normal. He also urged people to wear seatbelts, saying he believed injuries could have been far worse were it not for seatbelts worn and airbags deployed.



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