Idaho deputies become dog catchers, rescue pooch in sewer pipe

Photo: Ada County (Idaho) Sheriff's Facebook page

ADA COUNTY, Idaho, Feb. 7, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Sheriff deputies never know what each new shift will bring.

One day, they could be bringing fugitives to justice. The next, they could be lowering themselves into sewer pipes to retrieve lost dogs.

Saturday in Ada County, Idaho, it was the latter, when deputies Sean Dalrymple and Alan Speaks found themselves trying to coax a Scottish terrier named Ferris back to safety.

Seems Ferris dug under the fence of her yard earlier that day, an Ada County Sheriff Facebook post says.

“Some kids nearby saw Ferris, indulging in the giddy freedom of escape, wedge herself through some bars of a nearby storm drain. Once Ferris got in, she couldn’t get out, and the kids weren’t sure what to do. Members of the Star Fire Department arrived first but couldn’t locate Ferris, who just went deeper into the storm sewer.”

The kids saw Speakes and Dalrymple driving by, the story goes, and waved the duo down.

Ferris the dog. Photo: ACSO

“Moments later, both Speakes and Dalrymple took turns going headfirst down a manhole, about a hundred yards from the storm drain, to try to find the pooch.

“Once they saw a pair glowing eyes in the distance they were pretty sure belonged to Ferris, Dalrymple was able to use dog biscuits to lure her over. It took some time but she eventually got close enough for Dalrymple to grab her up.

“Once that happened, Speaks and members of the Star Fire Department grabbed Dalrymple by the belt and got both officer and dog out of the sewer.”

Deputy Sean Dalrymple, Ada County Sheriff’s Office, is shown dog diving. Photo: ACSO



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