Ambitious new storage operation opens in Murray, another hallmark for The Other Side Academy

Dave Durocher, executive director of The Other Side Academy joins Matthew Sims, manager of The Other Side Moving and Storage in a ribbon cutting for their new storage facility in Murray. Photo: Gephardt Daily

MURRAY, Utah, March 11, 2022 (Gephardt Daily/Bill’s Marketplace) – A new storage facility opened Friday in Murray, and it is no ordinary operation.

The company promises to come to your home or business, pack your belongings in a secure bin, then deliver that bin to storage in a temperature-controlled warehouse, where it will remain safe and protected for a monthly fee of just $50.

The operation is the latest venture for The Other Side Movers, which is now The Other Side Moving and Storage. It’s the latest project for the self-sustaining The Other Side Academy, a 2.5 year live-in rehabilitation program for those seeking to leave behind lives of drugs, alcohol, homelessness and incarceration, and build a foundation for productive, law abiding futures based on principles and skills learned at The Other Side.

Proceeds from both the moving company and the storage company go to support the self-sustaining program.

The manager of the new storage warehouse, Other Side Academy graduate Matthew Sims, says it is a safe place to store anything, and has around-the-clock security.

Customers are able to retrieve or inspect their belongings with a day’s notice. Each storage bin is packed and inventoried by workers.

Staff, supporters and volunteers celebrate the opening of The Other Side Movers and Storage in Murray, March 11, 2022. Photo: Gephardt Daily

“So, if a customer wanted to remove, say, just a cooler for a weekend outing, it’s easy with our system,” Sims said. “A customer would just call us in advance and we would deliver the box that contained the cooler, because it’s inventoried. The customer could just remove what they want, and be on their way.”

The entire storage and packing and retrieval service is included in the monthly fee. And 100% of that money customers pay goes to the operation.

“The students do all the work,” Sims said. “With that, they get room and board, and the skills to change their lives.”

Matthew Sims, manager of The Other Side Moving and Storage in Murray, thanks donors and staff members who helped bring the new operation online. Photo: Gephardt Daily

Although moving and storage company proceeds pay for 100% of the operating expenses for the school and business, The Other Side Academy does accept donations for capital building expenditures. The organization receives no taxpayer or private funds.

In the case of the newly opened storage facility, donations and loans came from the Larry H. and Gail Miller Foundation, Mike and Joyce Murray, Zion’s Bancorp, The Frederick Barth Foundation, Ally Bank, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Andrew and Rachel Skeen, Bank of America, The Cummings Foundation, Bill Moreton, Helen Gabler, Grandeur Peaks, The Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Barbara Ardell and Adobe.

Gail Miller, owner of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Larry H. Miller Management Corporation addresses staff, supporters and volunteers during the opening of The Other Side Movers and Storage facility in Murray, March 11, 2022. Photo: Gephardt Daily

The Other Side Academy and The Other Side Moving and Storage Company are Gephardt Approved companies. 


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