American Fork man arrested for alleged drunken assault on wife, 2 other victims

Brady Gary Geigle. Photo Courtesy: Utah County Sheriff

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, Feb. 3, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — An American Fork man was arrested Saturday for an alleged drunken assault on his wife as well as another man and woman.

A probable cause statement from Utah County said Brady Gary Geigle, 30, is facing charges of third-degree felony aggravated assault, third-degree felony criminal mischief, class A misdemeanor obstruction of justice, class B misdemeanor assault, class B misdemeanor damage/interrupt a communication device, class C misdemeanor intoxication and infraction disorderly conduct.

Officers were dispatched to an abandoned 911 call at an apartment complex in American Fork, the statement said. Officers were notified that the female on the line stated that “an emergency is happening at the Meadows.” Officers arrived in the area and could hear a woman screaming, the statement said. Officials found a woman, later identified as Geigle’s wife, with blood on her face. There was also blood on the walls in the outdoor hall of the apartment building.

The wife stated that her husband was in the apartment still. Officers tried to open the door, but the door was locked; screaming was then heard coming from inside of the apartment and police had to force their way in. Upon entering the apartment, they found another woman, referred to in the statement as victim 1, who came running out of the apartment’s hallway saying “he is in his room.”

“Officers saw blood and vomit all over the kitchen and hallway of the apartment,” the probable cause statement said. “Officers went down the hall where they found a bedroom door broken in half with a male (victim 2) in the bedroom. Victim 2 was also found to live in the home. The male identified himself as a victim and said pointing to the other room ‘he is in that room.'”

Officers found that the door to the master bedroom was locked and yelled commands for Geigle to open the door. For fear other victims may have been in the master bedroom, officers told Geigle to back away from the door and they forced their way into the room; he was taken into custody. There was no one else in that room.

Geigle had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person, the probable cause statement said.

Officers found that Geigle had multiple scratches on his neck and a bite mark on his right forearm; he stated that he did not remember anything that happened.

The wife stated that Geigle was very intoxicated, and she told him that she was not going to have sex with him while he was drunk. The suspect then got upset and left the apartment; victim 2 said the suspect got in his Jeep and came back approximately 40 minutes later.

Victim 2 stated that when Geigle returned, the suspect got very upset and asked for all of their phones. No one gave their phones to him, and his wife was in the living room with him, trying to calm him down.

“The wife said that Brady got aggressive and she pulled her cell phone out and told Brady that she was recording this and going to call the police,” the statement said. “This is when victim 2 could hear the wife screaming for help and yelling call 911.”

Victim 2 went into the living room and saw Geigle kicking his wife in the stomach and head, then grabbed a small stool and hit her in the head causing multiple lacerations to the head and face, and causing the front tooth of the wife to break, the statement said.

Victim 1 tried to stop Geigle and was hit multiple times by the suspect. Victim 1 stated that Geigle punched her and hit her with a stool as well. Victim 1 reported that she bit Geigle in the arm during the struggle, which matched the injury found on the suspect.

The wife and victim 1 were able to escape and run to victim 2’s bedroom where they locked themselves in and victim 2 started to call 911. Geigle kicked down the door, breaking it in half, and forcefully grabbed victim 2’s cellphone in the middle of the 911 call and ended the phone call, thereby interrupting a communication device, and threw it on the ground, breaking it. Geigle then grabbed his wife’s phone as she was attempting to call 911 and then the wife’s iPad Pro. Geigle then took victim 1’s phone and broke all but the wife’s cellphone.

Victim 2 said Geigle went outside with the phones and iPad; they were later found heavily damaged in the outdoor dumpster of the apartment complex.

Geigle went back inside the apartment as he saw that officers were in the area and locked his wife outside and went into his bedroom and locked that door.

The incident could be heard from multiple apartments away, the probable cause statement said.

Officers later found that the wife had a recording of the incident on her phone. The recordings corroborated her statements. The wife’s injuries include a broken nose, a fractured face, a fractured back and a broken tooth. Victim 1 also sustained minor injuries.

Geigle is being held in Utah County Jail with his bail set at $3,500.


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