Second Drive by Shooting in Magna at Home of 2014 Homicide

Magna home
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MAGNA, UTAH – August 26, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – Unified Police are trying to figure out who shot 10 rounds into a boat located in the driveway of a home where a prior drive by shooting killed a man in 2014.

According to Unified Police Lt. Lex Bell, the family of Carlos Martinez, 40, who was killed while standing in his front yard on May 4, 2014, still live in the home where Tuesday morning’s shooting took place.

Just after 2 a.m., Police were called to the home at 3807 S. Armoridge Drive (8180 West) on reports of neighbors hearing gun shots. One of the neighbor who heard the shots ran outside just in time to see a silver compact car with no headlights speeding east towards 8000 West, away from the scene.

“So far this is the only lead we have on the identity of the suspects, however Martinez’s son, who is a juvenile, is not cooperating well with the investigation,” said Bell. “This leads us to believe he possibly could have been their intended target.”

Bell said they found 10 casings and nine bullet holes. “Seven of the bullets struck the boat and two hit the side of the house, we have not been able to find the last bullet hole,” said Bell. There were no bullets that actually entered the residence and no one was injured in the incident.

Investigators are certain the shooting has no relation to the recent shootings in Magna that killed Stevan Chambers and Shelli Brown last week, and have found no evidence of any connection with the killing of Carlos Martinez back in 2014. “Those particular teens are in jail and still awaiting a murder trial so it seems unlikely the two incidents are related,” said Bell.

Those that live in the area are growing increasingly concerned over the amount of crime Magna has seen in the recent weeks. On the Magna Community Watch Facebook, resident Natalie Bills posted “I’m concerned at what is happening in Magna this summer. We have been out here 13 years and never seen it this bad. Drugs are destroying our town. I pay to live in this community. With the recent deaths it is obvious that things are way out of control.”

Others are trying to take a stand and change the way others view their city. Cindy Whitehair posted “I know everyone is on edge after the events of last week, but let’s not let the rumor mill run rampant. People spread rumors to watch everyone panic. Let’s not let the bad guys and troublemakers win. We need to stand strong and continue making Magna a great place to live.”

Anyone with information on the shooting is encouraged to call police at 801-743-3000.



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