Attempted ‘gang-related’ shooting shatters peace in Kearns neighborhood

A drive-by shooting in a Kearns intersection injured no one but left police looking for gang connections. Photo; Gephardt Daily

KEARNS, Utah, Sept. 9, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — Multiple bullets pierced the quiet of a Kearns neighborhood Saturday morning, leaving residents upset and police searching for shooters or intended victims in what officers are describing as a gang-related, drive-by shooting.

No one was injured, and no shell casings were located, but about a half-dozen residents reported the disturbance, at least one saying a male dressed in red was shooting at people dressed in blue.

The incident happened at the intersection of Trowbridge Way and Lodestone Avenue, at about 5800 South and 5700 West, just south of both Thomas Jefferson Jr. High and Thomas H. Bacchus Elementary schools.

“At about 10:40 this morning, Kearns officers with the Unified Police Department got a call of a drive-by shooting,” said Lt. Brian Lohrke, UPD spokesman.

“An individual, possibly a white male in a red shirt, was seen shooting at other people dressed in blue,” Lohrke said. “That individual then got into a newer model black or charcoal Dodge Caravan and left, eastbound, from the area. That vehicle possibly has a passenger-side window broken out. Officers are looking for that vehicle right now.”

None of the people apparently targeted were immediately located, Lohrke said.

Neighbors are naturally upset.

“This is 10 a.m. on a beautiful Saturday morning, so there was people out and about, people doing yard work,” Lohrke said. “Normally, this part of Kearns (is) very quiet, very neighborly, so people were out enjoying their day.”

Lohrke said the shooter’s actions and the colors worn by him and the intended victims led officers to the suspected motive.

“Right now, we are calling it gang related,” he said.

And despite the lack of evidence, “… we still try to track down anyone we can that has any information on it, whether they’re the suspect or victim in this, and try to find out what’s going on, because we know that gang activities do not end with this,” Lohrke said.

“This is going to continue. So with some police involvement, we can hopefully have some proactive measures to stop something else before it gets worse. We’re just very grateful that nobody was hit, that we don’t have any victims on this, but that’s a very serious situation for this neighborhood in Kearns.

“I can understand their frustration. They’re trying to be out, you can see kids running around right now. This is broad daylight. With bullets flying around, this is nothing anybody wants. Living in this neighborhood, they want a safe neighborhood, and we’re going to try and give them that.”

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  1. This is truly thee most biased article I may have ever read. Ever. No evidence. Shooters wore blue. Retaliation from shooters in red.
    Never post anything like this unless you are trying to bring about recrimination from your proposed gang members. Fyi there was a Utah game tonight, there are possible gang members out and about wearing red. Bolo


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