Police: Attempted kidnapping ends in Kearns park; woman subjected to ‘terrifying ordeal’

Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

KEARNS, Utah, June 13, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — The Unified Police Department is searching for a man they say put a woman through a terrifying ordeal Saturday night.

UPD Detective Ken Hansen told Gephardt Daily officers were called to a home near 4995 S. Heath Ave. for a car that had crashed through a number of fences and came to a stop just inside nearby Mountain Man park.

Investigators say it began with as a tenuous “boyfriend-girlfriend” domestic incident in a moving car. According to UPD Lt. Manfred Lassig, the man was driving around with a gun, threatening to kill himself and at one point firing a shot inside the car.  No one was hit.

“Then man and woman were known to each other,” Hansen said, updating the situation on Sunday afternoon. “They were having an argument, and the man pulled out the gun and fired into the floor of the car.”

That happened at the Heath location, Hansen said.

“He lost control of the vehicle and he ran into the fence at the park,” Hansen said. “He fled on foot.”

The man is not in custody, but police know who he is, Hansen said. Detectives are continuing work on the case, he said.

The female victim was not physically hurt, but was checked out at the hospital due to the trauma she experienced in the incident, which included the gunfire inches away from her in a moving car, Hansen said.

UPD officials say a man shot a gun into the floor of a car he was driving near 4995 S Heath Ave Kearns then crashed into the fence of Mountain Man Park northwest of the first location Image Google Maps


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