Bike patrol officer saves man from overdose in Liberty Park

Salt Lake City Police officer Casey Burton. Photo: SLCPD/Twitter

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 1, 2022 — A bike patrol officer’s training and quick response in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park saved a man’s life while he was in the throes of a drug overdose.

“Recently one of our Liberty Bike Officers proactively patrolling our city saw a man overdosing,” reads the Salt Lake City Police news release posted Wednesday morning on Twitter. “The officer immediately stopped and provided life-saving naloxone.

“We proudly highlight his accomplishment and commitment to our community.”

Officer Casey Burton came across the man struggling to get up from the ground Tuesday in the park, SLCPD PIO Brent Weisberg said.

Pursuant to his training and experience, Officer Burton diagnosed a heroin overdose, Weisberg said, including a fresh injection mark in the man’s arm.

The first dose of naloxone did not revive the man, who had grown still, Weisberg said, leading Burton to apply first aid techniques. When those efforts failed, a second dose of naloxone finally revived the man, he said.

“Without this officer being able to administer aid the way he did, that individual would have died,” Weisberg said. The subject was sent on his way without being placed under arrest. “He didn’t require any more medication, and he left.”


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