Bill Gephardt’s Garden Adventure: Episode 7 — Battling Bugs

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Sept. 9, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Can you believe it’s September already?

The kids are back in school, the daylight hours are growing shorter and there’s a wee bit of chill in the early morning air.

But even though summer’s days are numbered, the garden is just now heating up.

After weeks of watering, weeding, and fertilizing I’ve got results.

And most of ’em are pretty good.

I’ve got zucchini.

I’ve got carrots.


I’ve got tomatoes.

And, I’ve got lettuce. Lots of lettuce.

Not to mention bell peppers.

Now, if I could just grow some croutons.

But there is something else I’ve got that I wish would go away.


Lots of ’em.

There are more bugs here than the Nixon White House.

So, what’s your average garden-variety gardener to do?

Well, you can hire a master gardener, like my partner Leslie Woodmansee.

Or, you can click on the latest edition of Gephardt’s Garden Adventures.

Take a look.

Thanks for watching.

– Bill


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