Blocked Canal Overflows, Floods Basements In Bluffdale

A blocked canal Monday night in Bluffdale resulted in flooding damage to homes on Gun Stock Drive. Photo: Gephardt Daily

BLUFFDALE, Utah, May 2, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Several homes in a Bluffdale neighborhood were flooded Monday evening when a nearby canal was filled for the first time of the season, and overflowed due to accumulated debris.

Water flooded into the backyards and basements of the homes, located near 15700 S. Gun Stock Drive (1725 West). Flood water made its way into the basements of at least three houses. The home that was hardest hit had about three feet of standing water in its basement.

Alerted to the problem, the canal company stopped the flow of water coming from Utah Lake, about seven miles away.

The Bluffdale Fire Department responded to an 8 p.m. call for help, and Chief John Roberts directed his crew to pump water from the basements.

Crews were able to drain most of the water, and neighbors helped with additional cleanup. No injuries were reported.

Roberts said the extent of damage to homes in the area was unknown as of Monday night. At 10 p.m., crews were still working at the scene pumping out water and mud, removing uprooted landscaping and clearing the canal debris in the hope of limiting additional damage.

Image: Google Maps



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