Bountiful High School announces new mascot name

BOUNTIFUL, Utah, April 9, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Bountiful High School officials have announced a new mascot name after it was announced late last year the school will drop its Braves name.

“Bountiful High School opened in 1951, as a 9th and 10th grade school,” school principal Aaron Hogge said in a November YouTube video. “Since 1951, Bountiful has been home of the Braves. Over the years, the theme of Braves and the courage, strength and bravery that is rich in the Native American culture represented our school community. The student body and faculty have utilized this theme to carry forward a terrific educational experience.”

Hogge said however that after a committee process and public listening sessions, he evaluated the impact the mascot has had on all students and community and decided to begin the process of selecting a new mascot for Bountiful High School.

Director of Communications and Operations for Davis School District Chris Williams said in a YouTube video Friday morning: “Since that time more than 100 options were considered. The suggestion that came in more than any other was Brave. The decision was made very consciously not to use Brave because it was too close to the existing mascot of Braves.”

After months of work, four possible mascots were arrived at: the Bears, the Blazers/Trailblazers, the Lighting/Bolts or the Redhawks.

The final decision was made by the BHS administration with student and public input.

Hogge then said in the Friday video: “I appreciate the input and support of our school community in renaming the mascot of Bountiful High School. Beginning the 2021/2022 school year, the mascot will be the Redhawks. A red tailed hawk is the most common hawk species in North America. It can be spotted soaring above the rural areas from coast to coast. The identifying characteristics of these hawks are keen eyesight, binocular vision and powerful talons. It is one of the biggest birds of prey found in the mountains of Bountiful. We are still finalizing the logo and are grateful to the graphic designers who have assisted us.”

Possible logos were then shown in the video.

“We remain the Bountiful Braves until the end of this school year,” Hogge added. “We will officially begin the rebranding of the school after this year’s seniors graduate. The colors and school song will remain the same.

The question over whether to change the school’s mascot arose from an online petition from former students. Hogge then formed a committee to seek feedback from Native American groups, community members, staff and students.


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