Brigham City police warn of rash of vehicle, residential burglaries

File photo: Gephardt Daily

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah, Aug. 5, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Brigham City officials are warning residents of what they are calling a “rash” of vehicle and residential burglaries over the weekend.

“The suspect/s is getting more and more brazen as was evidenced by his/her entry into houses where the residents were home,” said a Facebook post from Brigham City Police Department. “In one case, a purse was taken off a table that was within 10-12 feet of where the homeowner was sleeping. In another case, a female juvenile woke to find the suspect standing in the doorway of her bedroom.”

In one incident, a sliding glass door had been left open to let in the night air, the post said. In another case, the suspect got in through the garage because a rear garage door had been left unlocked.

“Be vigilant,” the post said. “If you have surveillance cameras, make sure they’re working. Install motion lights. If you hear neighborhood dogs barking, don’t ignore it. If you see something suspicious, call it in immediately. Above all else, lock your vehicles, homes, RVs and outbuildings.”


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