Man who threatened Weber Co. deputy with 3-foot wooden stake in custody

File photo: Gephardt Daily

WEST HAVEN, Utah, Aug. 16, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Court documents detail a 40-year-old transient’s threatening of a Weber County Sheriff’s Deputy with a three-foot stake and subsequent threats against almost everyone he encountered that night.

According to charging documents filed Monday in Ogden’s 2nd District Court, events began late Friday. The deputy was patrolling in the area of West Haven at 21st Street and 1600 W when he saw a man walking in the roadway and waving his hands as though he was trying to flag down the officer.

After passing the man to find a place to turn around, then pausing in the median waiting for traffic to clear, “The male then walked into traffic towards my vehicle screaming and yelling at me,” the deputy stated.

The officer then crossed the road, stopping on the shoulder to confront the man. As he got out of his patrol car the suspect “began charging at me with a long wooden stake approximately 3 feet in length in his left hand. The male was screaming at me and throwing his arms out to his sides leading me to believe he wanted to assault me with the stake.”

The officer drew his firearm and ordered the man to stop and get down on the ground, according to the statement. The man then threw the stake into a nearby field and began walking away.

The officer exchanged the handgun for a Taser and again ordered the man to stop and get down on the ground. Which he refused to do “telling me no and that he didn’t do anything wrong.”

It took two shots from the Taser to get the man down and handcuffed and identified as Adam Robin Green. He was taken to a hospital to be cleared medically before he could be booked into the Weber County Jail.

“While at the hospital Adam made several threats about murdering police officers as well as blowing up the hospital and killing everyone there,” the officer wrote in the probable cause papers.

He also threatened to kill specific nurses “because he did not like them.” At the jail “Adam said he was going to kick me in the face with his steel toe boots.”

The officer also wrote, “Adam also stated if he could go back he would have knocked me out with the stake he approached me with, then stated once I was unconscious he would have taken my side arm and emptied a whole magazine into my head killing me.”  He also talked about  chopping up the officer’s body as well as that of another officer and “disposing of us in the mountains.”

Green faces charges of assault on a police officer, evading, resisting arrest, threats of violence, disorderly conduct, and walking in a roadway.

Green is currently on felony probation for an April 2021 conviction for assault on a Utah Transit Authority officer at a Clearfield FrontRunner station, according to court documents, after he threatened to kill a transit host because she asked him to wear a mask.

He also has an assault case pending, court records show, from February of this year for threatening patrons with a machete an a UTA FrontRunner platform in Provo.


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