BYU pulls LGBTQ advocacy group’s guidebook from orientation grab bag

Photo: The RaYnbow Collective/Facebook

PROVO, Utah, Aug. 26, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Brigham Young University’s LGBTQ advocacy group is upset at the university’s decision to pull its 6-page guidebook from the school’s orientation grab-bag for incoming students.

“We are currently in conversations with BYU to figure out amends and how to move forward,” according to a post on social media from RaYnbow Collectiive reacting Thursday night to the school’s deletion of the pamphlet.

“What does a banned book look like?” it reads. “Sometimes it’s six pages and lists scholarships, resources, and therapy for marginalized students. Get your hands on a banned book today!”

The collective noted the booklet will be available for free at Back to School Pride Night on Sept. 3 in Kiwanis Park.

The 5,000 copies of the “Allyship and Activism Resource Guide” that were to be included in the school’s gift bags this week listed both BYU and community resources for marginalized students covering topics including therapy, safe housing, scholarships, monthly and weekly activities plus upcoming events.

“While we received a refund, we would have rather had these resources available,” said RaYnbow. “It took hundreds of hours and over 50 volunteers to provide this packet and other resources.

“This decision is disappointing and disheartening, especially when we consider our experiences as freshmen feeling lonely, isolated, and unsupported as queer students. Unfortunately, it follows a consistent pattern of BYU breaking its promises and agreements with LGBTQ+ students.”

Efforts to reach BYU officials for comment were unsuccessful.

“There will always be LGBTQ+ students at BYU, and our goal is to support all students on campus, especially those who experience discrimination,” the collective concludes.


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