Cache County residents basically ‘roughing it’ as snow melt, rain cause flooding, sewer problems

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LOGAN, Utah, Feb. 10, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — The city of Logan is asking all residents who are connected to Logan’s sewer system to avoid “any unnecessary discharge into the system.”

In a notice on Twitter and Facebook, “residents are asked to please avoid putting additional and unnecessary water down drains. This includes laundry, showers, dishes, and flushing.”

Some residents on Facebook have responded to this edict with humor: “Now I have an excuse for not getting my laundry done!”

Others are not so humorously wondering just how long this will last.

The city is hoping everyone will understand that the heavy rainfall and snow melt have the pipes running at full capacity, and the pumping facilities and the waste water treatment plant are struggling to keep up.

Towns connected to the sewage system are Smithfield, Hyde Park, Nibley, North Logan, Providence, River Heights, and Utah State University.

“Additionally, please DO NOT discharge storm water or ground water into sewer lines through sump pumps, man holes or any other source. This water should be discharged to yards or streets,” the city’s notice states.

If the sewer system is overloaded, sewage may back up into homes.

Cache County is warning everyone about flooding that’s occurring throughout the area.

Many parts of the county, including roads, have standing and flowing water, and heavy fog is hampering visibility, according to a notice from the county.

The notice reminds drivers: “A car can hydroplane in as little as two inches of water. Cache County resources are severely depleted and there are not enough personnel to cover all the areas affected by the flooding.”

Residents who experience flooding should use the following contact information for help:

• If you live within the municipal boundaries of a city or town, contact your city or town hall office for sandbags and/or help with flooding issues.

• Residents who live in the unincorporated areas of the county can get sandbags at the Cache County Sheriff’s Complex, 1225 W. 200 North. Phone: 435-755-1000. The sandbags will need to be filled by the individuals taking them.

• If you have flooding concerns on or alongside any county road, call the Cache County Road Department at 435-755-1560.

• If you have flooding concerns on a State Highway, call UDOT Region 1 at 801-620-1600.


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