Carbon County officials break up raucous post-graduation party, find 80 juveniles, illegal substances

File photo: Gephardt Daily

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PRICE, Utah, May 30, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Carbon County officials have issued a statement after responding to a noise disturbance on Friday and discovering a raucous party attended by about 80 juveniles after graduation ceremonies at Carbon High School, in Price.

The youths were reportedly drinking alcohol, illegal at their age, and using illicit drugs, while causing damage to the residence, which they were using without the owner’s knowledge or permission.

In fact, they had locked out the homeowner.

Sheriff Jeff Wood wrote in a news release on Facebook:

“I would like to make the public aware of a situation that occurred on graduation night. Local law enforcement was called to a noise disturbance involving a graduation party located in a prominent neighborhood located south of Price. Law enforcement responded and discovered that there was an estimated 80 juveniles present at a residence and an obvious party was taking place.”

As law enforcement approached the residence to investigate the complaint, people starting running from the residence, the news release said. Numerous law enforcement officers arrived and contained the scene and discovered that a large amount of alcohol and illegal drugs were present with juveniles and adults ranging in age from 15 to 20 years old. Medical personnel were called to the scene to assist with juveniles that had obviously consumed too much alcohol. One of the party-goers had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital.

“The home owner had agreed to a small gathering, no more than 20 people to sit around the fire pit at the home and celebrate graduation without any alcohol allowed,” the news release goes on. “The owner was not at home when the party started, but had planned to arrive around midnight once he got off from work. None of the party-goers were relatives to the home owner.”

There was an adult sibling of the homeowner present upon the arrival of law enforcement. He claimed to have been trying to shut the party down once he realized what was taking place.

“The homeowner was extremely upset to find his home in total disarray with vomit on the floors, broken furniture, people hiding in the closets, under beds, and in the attic,” the news release goes on.

“It should be known that the owner of the home was actually locked out of his own home upon his arrival and was going to allow law enforcement to enter by force prior to finding an open door in the garage to allow entry.”

All juveniles were identified and tested to see if they had been consuming alcohol or illegal drugs. Those that had not consumed alcohol or drugs were allowed to leave, the ones that had were issued citations or referred to juvenile court. The adult that was present was also cited for contributing to this situation. Several juveniles were found hiding inside the home, in the yard, and in the nearby field. Parents were called to pick up their children and law enforcement stood by for most of the night to be sure no intoxicated juveniles returned to pick up their vehicles.

“Graduation is not a free pass to run wild and ignore the rules of society,” the statement says. “I want everyone to understand that local law enforcement will uphold the law and will not tolerate underage consumption of alcohol. This was not just a small gathering and these were not just kids being kids. All too often this type of event comes with medical calls, sexual assaults, fights, or accidents that can be avoided.

“I expect a more sensible and responsible approach to our youth blowing off steam for graduation and think this is a good discussion to have with your teenage children.”


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