Carbon County Sheriff’s deputies find marijuana plants while searching for pet pig

Photo: Carbon County Sheriff's Office

CARBON COUNTY, Utah, Sept. 7, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Carbon County Sheriff’s deputies were helping Animal Control Sunday in a search for a missing, domesticated pig, when they came upon multiple marijuana plants growing on a property.

“A search warrant was requested by the Sheriff’s Office through the Seventh District Court,” the CCSO statement says. “The search warrant was granted and served. The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office then entered the property and collected the marijuana plants to be booked into evidence.

“The Sheriff’s Office has made contact with the party that cultivated the marijuana plants and the investigation is ongoing.”

The sheriff’s office wants to remind people growing marijuana is illegal, the statement says.

“Sheriff Jeff Wood would like to remind residents that even though medical marijuana is already legal in Utah, patients still don’t have the right to grow their own plants. Likewise, recreational cannabis is still illegal in any form in the state.”



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