Carbon County Sheriff’s officials find ‘valuable’ jewelry in medication bottle

CARBON COUNTY, Utah, June 9, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Carbon County Sheriff’s Office has a mystery on their hands after officials found “valuable” jewelry in a medication bottle.

“Between Jan. 1 and April 13, someone discarded medications in the Helper medication drop box,” said a Facebook post from Carbon County Sheriff’s Office. “As we were destroying the medications, we found some old, but valuable jewelry in an over-the counter medication bottle.

“We can only assume someone was clearing out a family member’s medications and was unaware of the jewelry in the bottle.”

If you believe this jewelry was yours or a loved ones, please contact the Sheriff’s Office and give a description of the items. One of the rings is very unique in design, the post said.

You can contact Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brewer at 435-636-3251 or via Facebook messenger.


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