Charges pending after video shows 1 female Ogden High student allegedly beating another

Ogden High School. Photo: Google Streets

OGDEN, Utah, May 23, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Charges are pending against a female Ogden High School student after a video that appears to show her punching and kicking another school girl began circulating on social media.

The video of the May 18 incident, in an OHS bathroom, shows the 17-year-old victim being grabbed by the head or hair and being thrown to the floor, where the suspect punches the victim in the head and face, and kicks her in the abdomen area and the back.

The victim was transported from the school, at 2828 Harrison Blvd., to the emergency room of McKay-Dee Hospital for treatment of a concussion, according to a story first reported by Telemundo Utah, which has a blurred video clip of the assault about 53 seconds into its report.

Asked about the incident, Ogden School District spokesman Jer Bates provided a brief statement to Gephardt Daily.

“We’re aware of the situation. And, yes, swift and serious action is being taken,” he said.

Lt. Tyler Ziegler, Ogden City Police Department, confirmed that an investigation is underway and possible charges against the suspect, also a juvenile, are being screened by the Weber County Attorney’s Office.

“Charges are pending at this time based on our investigation and our cooperation with the County Attorney and the school district,” Ziegler said, adding it was too early to speculate what the specific charges might be.


  1. I truly hope this is taken seriously. I’m sick of these young people acting like this. These kid’sgo around acting like their grown up doing whatever they want without the consequences of their actions. It’s time we stop letting kid’s get away with serious crimes just because we think they’re little kids, which they are not anymore. You wanna act like a adult then you can have the consequences that comes with it.


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