Charging document: Driver confessed to intentionally striking Draper girl; said ‘We all have to die sometime’

Steven Ray Becky. Images: Utah County; Google Maps

DRAPER, Utah, June 1, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Charging documents filed against a 19-year-old man who police say admitted to intentionally running his car into a neighbor girl reveal that after the collision, he mocked the seriously injured child.

Booked in the case is Steven Ray Becky. Draper police have surveillance footage of the driver taking a hard turn before hitting the girl, who was walking an electric scooter at the side of a road, near the gutter.

They also have an account from a witness who was on scene immediately after the crash, according to Becky’s probable cause statement:

“He (the witness) stated the driver of the vehicle, upon exit, walked toward the injured female and made the statements of ‘we all have to die sometime.'”

The child suffered a broken hip and head injuries, charging documents reveal.


Becky has been charged on suspicion of criminal homicide (to be amended if the victim survives), a second-degree felony; and DUI with serious injury by negligent operation, a third-degree felony.

The incident happened at 8:26 a.m. Friday at 15051 S. Winged Bluff Lane. Becky had been staying with his aunt and uncle in the neighborhood for about a month and a half, Draper Police Chief John Eining said at a Friday evening news conference.

The child was a friend of one of Becky’s young cousins, and was known to the suspect, Eining said. The girl was transported with serious injuries to Primary Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Becky, who suffered minor injuries when he drove into a landscape boulder and rolled the 2010 Jetta he was driving, was treated at a local hospital, then released to police.

Video corroboration

Eining said Friday that the investigation was still in its early stages, but having a clear recording of the incident allowed them to file charges quickly.

Draper Police Chief John Eining. Photo: Draper City

“The video shows everything that occurred,” Eining said. “Videos are pristine. They are nice to have.”

Because that part of Draper is in Utah County, Becky was booked into the Utah County Jail.

The video shows “the car that is going northbound in the road, making a hard right turn into this young gal,” Eining said. “This is not what you describe as someone veering or drifting into this gal. This is someone who turned into this gal.”

Court documents, filed by an officer of the Draper Police Department, say that at the scene, Becky was “observed by officers engaging in erratic behavior.

“The behavior was described as uncooperative, aggressive, and non sympathetic towards the child victim. From Becky’s actions and statements, Officers believed he was impaired by an unknown substance(s).”

The witness

The witness told police that Becky attempted to leave the scene, so the witness restrained him.

“(The witness) said in his statement that the male attempted to leave and Ronald had to restrain him until authorities arrived. While being held down Becky admitted to using, Xanax and marijuana,” the probable cause statement says.

Transported to Intermountain Medical Center, “Becky told the doctor he used LSD and mushrooms,” the statement says.

“Becky waived his Miranda Rights and agreed to speak with detectives. During the interview, Becky stated that he intentionally hit the victim, ‘because she was white.’

“It is believed that the suspect, Steven Becky used his vehicle to run the victim over,” the police statement concluded.

“It is also believed that the suspect was under the influence while driving. Driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury.

“All this is validated through video and comments made by the suspect.”

Becky’s bail has been set at $255,000.

Steven Ray Becky. Photo: Utah County


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