Cliff Diver Fails To Resurface After Jumping 90 Feet Into Lake Powell

Halls Crossing
File Image Courtesy: National Park Service

LAKE POWELL – October 11, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – A 28-year-old Wyoming man who jumped 90 feet off a cliff in Lake Powell Friday afternoon and failed to resurface has yet to be found.

In a press release issued by the National Park Service, Glen Canyon police dispatcher received a report of a cliff jumping accident in the Coconino County portion of Face Canyon on Lake Powell.

Witnesses say the man jumped from a height of about 90 feet.
Bystanders immediately searched the area but were unable to find him when he failed to come up for air.
The National Park Service, Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Utah State Parks say they will continue to search the area while using a remote controlled vehicle to search the 150 feet deep waters.
The incident is currently under investigation by the National Park Service and Arizona’s Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.


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