Plan Announced To Minimize Homelessness In Salt Lake Metro Area

Photo: Gephardt Daily/ Kurt Walter

SALT LAKE COUNTY, UTAH – October 27, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) —Community leaders have announced a unanimous agreement to join together on a plan to minimize homelessness and prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless.

The plan was outlined Tuesday by Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, County Council Chairman Richard Snelgrove and all the major providers of homeless services in the metro area.

After months of work by representatives of 30 government, nonprofit and private entities, an agreement is in place to put time, money and collective will towards achieving 14 outcomes that will combat homelessness in all its forms.

Mayor McAdams said: “We recognize that homelessness is a complicated problem and it’s hard to apply a single label to the homeless. One of the things we are doing with this initiative is recognizing that there are many different individuals with different challenges, and we’re going to try and customize our approaches to each individual circumstance.

“One of the challenges that is really weighing on me now is homeless families with children, and what we can do to help those children get the things kids need- access to nutrition, and access to schools as we move the families to stability, to make sure those kids don’t fall through the cracks.

“The solutions are going to be complex but one of the hopes is to start addressing imminently the challenges of families in homelessness. We have a homeless services system which is well-suited to provide the services that homeless people need, and encourage people to give to the shelter and other homeless service providers.”

For more information on the homelessness steering committee click here.





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