Condemned Home Found With Over 50 Cats Inside

Condemned Home Over 50 Cats
Photo Courtesy: Ogden Animal Services

OGDEN, UTAH – August, 12, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — Ogden Police were called out to 151 Jefferson Avenue on Tuesday morning after the resident of a home was taken to hospital.

His sister called about the house having around 20 to 30 cats inside, possible some dead ones. It is thought the cause of him having to go to hospital was that he got sick from the uninhabitable home.

When the Ogden Animal Control officers arrived on scene and opened the door cats started spilling out and running every which way. The officers started trapping the cats as quickly as they could.

Back in 2007 the Ogden Animal Control officers received complaints about the man and were told that there were 14 cats with possibly dead ones along with feces everywhere. They tried to get permission to enter the home but were never able to get anyone to open the doors.

Last year the officers served a hazard notice to the front door and still no one would answer or let them in.

Officers took around 52 cats yesterday and handed them over to the Weber County Animal Shelter where the ones that were sick could get the nutrition they needed. It is thought there are more cats inside the home.

The house was condemned and proclaimed uninhabitable. There is no word on where the man is going to be staying and the Weber County Animal Shelter is asking for donations for the cats to help them.


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