Corinne family asks for help welcoming Box Elder deputy home from hospital

Deputy Kelton Bronson. Photos Courtesy: GoFundMe

CORINNE, Utah, March 27, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — The family of a Box Elder County Sheriff’s deputy is asking the community of Corinne for its help welcoming him home from the hospital Wednesday evening.

Deputy Kelton Bronson is expected to arrive home between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. after having his second liver transplant, according to a Facebook post from Chelsea Lemonds, who is the wife of a Corinne firefighter.

“Deputy Kelton Bronson lives in Corinne,” Lemonds wrote in the post. “His liver failed and he almost passed away waiting for a donor. He has had a transplant and has had a few setbacks but hopefully will be coming home today. His family has asked if we as a community could line the street from the train tracks past the post office to the corner by the church to welcome him home. I will let you know the time when I find out. They will text when they are passing through North Ogden.”

Corinne is approximately 23 miles north of North Ogden.

Deputy Kelton Bronson with his sons Photo Courtesy GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page set up by Bronson’s sister to assist with his medical expenses said in 1990, the deputy was the third person and first boy in America to receive a live-donor liver transplant when he was 8 months old. He received a piece of his mother Yvonne’s liver, the page said.

The transplanted organ started to fail last year and left him in need of another transplant, but he was not able to receive a liver from another live donor. Bronson was officially placed on the transplant list Feb. 13, which was also the 29th anniversary of his first transplant.

Bronson had a second liver transplant on March 5, and the GoFundMe page said his recovery is going smoothly.

“Kelton is a loving husband and a proud father of two boys,” the GoFundMe page said. “He is a Box Elder County Sheriff and has been with the department for three years. He loves what he does and is dedicated to protecting and serving the people of Box Elder County.”

The page goes on to say: “Even when Kelton is constantly getting pricked by needles and having procedure after procedure, he never complains. He rarely shares his pain level and still tries to make everyone around him laugh. We have already been so blessed and supported by the community from his first liver transplant. We are so grateful for the continued support and love that you have shown!”

Gephardt Daily will update this story with the time Bronson is likely to arrive in Corinne as soon as we have more information.

Deputy Kelton Bronson with his family Photo Courtesy GoFundMe


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