Court Orders Wolferts Sisters Returned To Allegedly Abusive Father

Wolferts Sisters Returned
Missing Wofert sisters Sydney and Danielle were found by police on January 3 in Pleasant Grove. Photo Courtesy: Daily Herald

PROVO, Utah, March 21, 2016 (Gephardt Daily/Kurt Hanson) — Danielle and Sydney Wolferts, two sisters caught in a custody battle between their parents who have accused their custodial father of psychological and emotional abuse, have been ordered by the court to return to their father’s custody in Kansas, according to the Daily Herald.

The girls have been in state custody at the Slate Canyon Juvenile Detention Center in Provo for the last three months after both Danielle and Sydney, 15 and 16 respectively, were found living with their non-custodial mom, Michelle Wolferts, in Pleasant Grove.

The sisters were reported missing in July of 2014 after visiting with their mother. The two girls, their older sister, Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield, and their mother have repeatedly accused the girl’s father, Brian Wolferts, of psychological and emotional abuse and neglect on multiple occasions.

Brian Wolferts has maintained the girls have been brainwashed by his ex-wife as part of a bitter custody battle.

On Friday, Judge Brent Bartholomew ruled that the requisition filed by the father be granted. Unless the girls’ sister, mother, or their attorneys file any last-minute paperwork, they will both return to Kansas before the end of the week.


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