Cyclist in critical condition after crash on Alpine Loop

A cyclist is in critical condition after a crash on Alpine Loop in Provo Canyon Saturday morning. Photo Courtesy: UHP

PROVO CANYON, Utah, June 30, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A cyclist is in critical condition after a crash on Alpine Loop in Provo Canyon Saturday morning.

A news release from the Utah Highway Patrol said the incident occurred at approximately 9:15 a.m. when a side-by-side UTV was traveling up Alpine Loop at milepost 19, near the Cascade Springs turnoff. The roadway is only approximately 16 feet from shoulder to shoulder and is not marked with a center divider line, the news release said. The posted speed limit is 20 mph.

“Witnesses who had previously observed the UTV later indicated to investigating troopers that the UTV’s driver was driving aggressively, cutting corners and accelerating rapidly as he rounded the curves,” the news release said. “As the UTV’s driver came around a curve with limited sight distance, he came upon a group of cyclists traveling downhill in the same area.”

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The first cyclist was able to avoid a collision but the second cyclist in the group struck the side of the UTV in the left mirror and driver side door.

The cyclist was wearing a helmet, but suffered significant head, neck, and back injuries, the news release said. He was transported by medical helicopter in critical condition.

Preliminary measurements of evidence on the roadway indicate the UTV was not operating on the right side of the roadway as it traveled through the curve.

It’s not clear at this early stage whether there were any other contributing factors to the crash, such as alcohol.


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