DABC: All Utah state-owned liquor stores to require legal ID for purchase

File photo: Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

UTAH, Sept. 29, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverages announced Tuesday that beginning Monday, Oct. 5, anyone wishing to purchase alcohol through a state-owned store will be required to present a valid I.D.

A valid I.D., by Utah law, is defined as one of four documents with a birthday and a photo affixed. They are:

  • A state issued identification card
  • A valid state issued driver license
  • A military identification card
  • A valid passport

The I.D. will be verified by the clerk with a scan of the barcode on the backside of the card or a visual inspection of date of birth and photo, the DABC statement says. The date of birth may be manually entered into the cash register to verify age.

“The 100% ID policy is being adopted to prevent underage purchase of alcohol and to bring a uniform consistency to who is asked to show an I.D.,” the statement says. “It is being adopted after a multi-month test run at four DABC stores and after receiving customer feedback during that period.”

Information scanned will only include the date of birth and validity of the I.D., the statement says, adding that no personal information, such as name, address or purchase will be captured or stored.


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