Davis County Jail inmate injured falling from bench onto concrete floor

File photo: Gephardt Daily

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah, Feb. 11, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — An inmate at Davis County Jail was injured in the early hours of Monday morning when he fell from a bench onto a concrete floor.

A news release from Davis County Sheriff’s Office said at approximately 2 a.m., corrections staff received a man into the jail from Layton Police.

“Initial reports from Layton PD indicated the male had been suicidal and had been taken to a local hospital for evaluation,” the news release said. “He was evaluated and cleared by the hospital then transported to the Davis County Jail and booked on an outstanding warrant for his arrest.”

The male inmate was placed into an observation cell so staff could keep a close watch over him.

“At the time of the incident, a corrections deputy was watching the inmate when he stepped up onto a bench,” the news release said. “Before the deputy could reach him, the inmate fell backward from a standing position and hit his head on a concrete floor.”

Correctional officers and medical staff immediately rendered medical care to the inmate, who was initially unconscious but regained consciousness on the scene. An ambulance and medical helicopter were dispatched and the inmate was flown to Intermountain Medical Center with head injuries.

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office notified the Davis County Attorney’s Office and the Farmington Police Department. The Sheriff’s Office also took precautions to protect the scene until investigators from the crime lab completed their documentation.

The inmate currently remains in the custody of the Davis County Jail and correctional officers accompanied him to the hospital. This is an active investigation, the news release said.

The inmate was not identified by officials.


  1. More incite re your recent article…

    One of the most inhumane facilities in the state, Davis County Jail brutally isolates inmates from the outside world. You may NOT visit your loved ones… NO jail visits allowed. The jail limits your loved ones’ contact to expensive phone access, horrible video link, or snail mail (IF they can afford to BUY pencils, paper, envelopes, and stamps). You, however, may NOT send letters, photo postcards, etc., to them! All communications are read/recorded by snoopy guards; do NOT discuss case issues as the jail violates your privacy by sending communications to the prosecution. Even contacting one’s defense counsel from the jail involves asinine restrictions. Inmate “pods” have no windows and no yard (many have no access to the outside whatsoever)… total sensory deprivation. Inmates cannot go anywhere–including church–without a guard detail. The list goes on and on and on. (The Stazi tortured dissidents with similar conditions in bleak, cold war prisons.)

    Davis County Jail is further plagued by unproffesional guards, extremely unhealthy food (e.g., partially ground chicken bone meal, fake mystery meat, wilting vegetables, high fructose processed fruit products, mounds of starch, no calcium), inept doctors, useless dentists, extraordinarily expensive commissary, asinine “pay- for- stay” (family members often end up paying significant $$$), ubiquitous fees, frequent suicide attempts, deaths (13 in just the past few years), etc. Harsh conditions and mindless bureacratic policies result in inmates under pressure, which threatens security and encourages violence.

    Furthermore, most the inmates here have only been charged with crimes; the government alleges they did something wrong. Such people are innocent, unless the government can somehow PROVE their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That is the government’s burden, and it’s a high bar. Yet this jail wrongfully treats such persons as convicts, subjecting them to all the above and unjustly mixing them in with hardened, potentially violent state prisoners.

    We pride ourselves as champions of human rights. Foreign countries found with the above violations suffer our wrath. Yet, here in our own state we turn a blind eye to travesties rampant in this jail. Acquiescence is tantamount to support; therefore, we must actively oppose and immediately correct these human rights violations. This isn’t Nazi Germany. Shame on Davis County!


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