Heightened Security Ordered For LDS Missionaries Working In Paris

Heightened Security Ordered For LDS Missionaries
Photo: Intellectual Reserve
PARIS – November 15, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) ─ A spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Monday announced new safety measures efforts for missionaries serving in the Paris area following last week’s terrorist attacks.
On a Facebook page for the France Paris Mission Babin, Elder David K. Redd wrote that he would oversee safety training and procedures reviews, to be held at District and Zone Conferences, and he would include reminders in weekly newsletters.
 “Immediately following reports of the recent attacks in Paris, the Mission followed the communication procedures and, as previously reported by President Babin, all missionaries reported they were not in danger and all were accounted for,” Redd wrote. “In fact, the attacks began after the time all missionaries should be in their apartments for the duration of the evening and night.

“During the two days following the attacks, all missionaries were asked to curtail proselyting activities (except as could be handled by telephone) and to stay in their apartments, except to attend Church meetings. The Mission also canceled plans to hold Christmas Zone Conferences in Paris (they are now scheduled to be held in Versailles), suspended plans to sing Christmas carols in public places in Paris and closed the Visitors Center in Paris.”

“On Monday of this week following their preparation time, missionaries were asked to recommence normal proselyting activities but to avoid crowds, public sites of interest, congregating together in groups and ‘rougher’ areas. Missionaries outside of Paris were asked not to come to Paris, except as necessary to handle visa issues.

“We believe the Mission is being prudent under the present circumstances and still pursuing the Mission purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ.”


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