Developing: Tesla automobiles stolen from Utah dealer’s lot; suspect captured after car loses charge during UHP pursuit

Police investigate the theft of multiple Tesla automobiles from the dealership at 2312 S. State St. in South Salt Lake City. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

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SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah, Nov. 24, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — A man attempting to outrun the Utah Highway Patrol while behind the wheel of a stolen Tesla found himself in handcuffs after the electric car ran out of juice on State Route 201.

The arrest was the culmination of a string events that began around 11 p.m. Thursday when a UHP trooper came upon a man in a Tesla with missing license plates.

When the driver’s story failed to add up, the trooper detained him and quickly came upon multiple sets of Tesla keys.

According to South Salt Lake Sgt. Ryan Cram, the UHP contacted South Salt Lake Police who were dispatched to the Tesla dealership at 2312 S. State Street and discovered it had been burglarized.

Police investigate the theft of multiple Tesla automobiles from the dealership at 2312 S State St in South Salt Lake City Photo Gephardt DailyMonico GarzaSLCScanner

While detectives were processing the crime scene a UHP trooper parked outside spotted a new Tesla driving down State Street. When the trooper turned on his lights the Tesla’s driver sped away.

The UHP trooper followed the fleeing suspect on a winding path from I-80 to I-15 to westbound SR-201 when the Tesla sputtered to a stop about a quarter mile from the Flying J truck stop.

Cram said the electric car simply needed to be recharged.

UHP troopers arrest the suspect of a stolen Tesla after the vehicle lost its electrical charge while being pursued on westbound SR201 Photo Gephardt DailyMonico GarzaSLCScanner

The suspect tried to run but was taken into custody. At some point during his arrest he injured his foot and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police estimate the two stolen Teslas were worth in excess of $100K.

Initial police reports indicated as many as five vehicles had been stolen from the dealership. When asked directly, police would only say their investigation is continuing.

A man who led UHP troopers on a chase in a stolen Tesla is transported to a local hospital after injuring his foot in the course of his arrest Troopers say the chase ended when the electric automobile he fleeing in lost its charge Photo Gephardt DailyMonico GarzaSLCScanner

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