Alleged Drunk Driver In Orem Fails To Notice Dog Fall Out Of Car Window

Orem Police - Gephardt Daily
Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

OREM, Utah, April 5, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — The story of an Orem woman who was arrested for driving under the influence in Orem after her dog fell out of the car during a U-turn has gone viral.

All over the country, people are talking about an Orem woman who police say was making a U-turn on 800 North when witnesses told police her dog fell out of the car window and she kept driving. One of the witnesses grabbed the dog, who was not injured, and followed the woman as they called 911.

When the woman stopped, the witness approached her car with the dog in her arms and the woman said “nice dog,” not even realizing that it was her dog and it had fallen out of the car.

Orem Police Cpl. Art Lopez arrived and administered a sobriety test, which the woman failed. Her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Police said her name is not being released as they are protecting her from the wrath of animal activists. They say the woman will be allowed to have her dog back.

The story has been featured on news sites in states including New York, Oklahoma, and Montana, as well as national online publications such as CNN and World News.


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