Driver Late For School Runs Red Light On Bangerter, Causes 5-Car Accident

Runs Red Light On Bangerter
A five-car accident Saturday morning on Bangerter Highway left at least three injured. Safety officers pictured are comforting children who were not hurt, but were in a car hit by debris. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Kurt Walter

KEARNS, Utah, Dec. 12, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — An accident involving five vehicles closed northbound Bangerter Highway Saturday morning and caused multiple injuries.

Unified Police Lt. Lex Bell said the accident happened at 8:45 a.m. at the intersection of 6200 South and Bangerter Highway when a man traveling southbound in a Camaro ran a red light at a high rate of speed. The Camaro collided with a small red passenger vehicle headed east on 6200 South.

One woman was ejected after a driver ran a red light and caused an accident involving several vehicles on Bangerter Highway. Photo: Kurt Walter

Bell said debris from the collision hit another car at the intersection in the northbound lanes before the Camaro continued down the road.

“The Camaro then hit a black Hyundai on the driver’s side door and knocked it backwards nearly 100 feet from a dead stop,” Lt. Bell said. “That Camaro continued to careen and spin down the road throwing debris into a Dodge truck, ejecting the 19-year-old female from that car.”

The 19-year-old male driver of the Camaro and the 19-year-old female driver of the Hyundai were both taken in poor condition to the hospital. Both are expected to survive.

The 19-year-old female who was ejected was taken by ground ambulance and is in critical condition.

Bangerter Highway northbound had to be closed at 7000 South. “It is a very complex scene with multiple injuries and a lot of damage,” Lt. Bell said. “The road northbound at 7000 South Bangerter Highway will be closed for the next three to four hours while the accident scene is reconstructed and the road southbound at 6200 is restricted to one lane.”

The driver of the Camaro told officers he was running late for school. “Nobody’s life is worth being late to school,” Lt. Bell said. “It’s a pretty irresponsible move by that individual. Speeding and running a red light is incredibly dangerous.”

Lt. Bell said the driver is looking at the possibility of multiple charges including reckless driving, and negligence.  If the female who was ejected passes away, the severity of those charges would then be increased.






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