DWR agents free buck deer from stringy ‘headdress’

Photo: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

PAROWAN, Utah, Oct. 12, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Agents with the Division of Wildlife Resources rescued a buck deer last week, and traded out a sight-blocking hammock headdress for a sleeker GPS collar.

“Last week, we received reports of a mature mule deer buck in the town of Parowan with an unidentifiable mass of string caught in its antlers,” says a social media post by the Utah DWR.

“The buck was not able to see through what we suspect was a tangled hammock.”

Agents stepped into help the Iron County city.

“Our biologists tranquilized the buck, removed the string and placed a GPS collar on the buck. The buck was released and appears to be doing great!”

Photo Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


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