Emery County Treasurer Frauded Out Of Nearly $40K Of City Money

Photo Courtesy: acadiainsurance.com

CASTLE DALE, Utah, June 23, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Emery County has lost thousands of dollars after their treasurer received a apparent fake email from their County Commissioner requesting a wire transfer.

A press released issued by Emery County said Treasurer Steve Barton received an email on June 13 from who he thought was Emery County Commissioner Keith Brady asking him to wire $38,700 to a consultant in Florida.

Barton wired the funds as requested and the next day asked for documentation of the transfer. He received a reply stating the commissioner was in a meeting and asked Barton if he had done any international transfers.

On June 15 when Barton still had not received any documentation of the transfer he became suspicious of a possible scam and contacted the Emery County IT department and the County Attorney for their assistance in a reversal of the funds transferred.

The IT department determined the email chain was fraudulent and did not come from Brady. An investigation was then started by the Emery County Sheriff’s Office and the fraud division of the bank involved.

The State Auditor’s Office has started an investigation into Emery County’s accounts and current county policies and procedures.


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