EXCLUSIVE: Women’s Priesthood Advocate Calls New LDS Church Essays ‘Lies’

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 24, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — Kate Kelly, the human rights attorney recently excommunicated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for publicly insisting women be allowed to join the LDS priesthood, is calling newly released Church essays on the issues “lies.”

Kelly made the comments shortly after the LDS Church published two essays discussing women, the all-male priesthood, and the Mormon’s belief in a deity known as the Heavenly Mother.

Kelly is the founder of the group, Ordain Women. She made headlines in 2014 when she was excommunicated while serving on the board of directors. She garnered more attention a year later when she organized mass resignations of church members and delivered them to LDS headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City.

Kelly most recently made news when she joined the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah in the role of strategic advocacy advisor.

To see Kate Kelly’s controversial comments on the newly released LDS Church essays, click on the video player above.


  1. Why is it that ex-Mormons spend the rest of their life attacking the church? If you’re done, you’re done. Quit your boobing about it. It must be all about the attention. No longer relevant, start screaming about it again to garner more attention.

    • AMEN Jeff. and why would she want to go further in pursuit of the priesthood if the church is deceptive and prone to brain washing. JUST LEAVE ALREADY!!!

    • Jeff,

      Why does it bother you so that people who have discovered the hoax of Mormonism want to share their discovery with those whom they see as still being victimized by it?

      You obviously don’t agree with their conclusions, but is bet you’re all in favor of Mormons and their missionaries spreading their version of the truth. Why are you not supportive of those with whom you disagree doing the same thing?

      • It is one thing to object, it is another to object while seeking admittance and acceptance. It is inconsistent to want in the tent while pulling at the stakes

    • Why is it that MORMONS spend 2 years of their life peddling their beliefs to a world that knows they are a cult? If someone loves their own religion, stop pushing Mormonism. Quit your yapping about it. It must be the promise of several wives in the celestial kingdom. No longer relevant, keep pushing it down other people’s throats to garner more attention.

    • It’s not like all of them do that. Are you truly surprised that SOME do so? I doubt you are. You’re just trying to discredit them as absurd. Is it because you’re unable to refute their central point(s)? I think so.

    • Why is it that Mormons spend so much of their energy trying to rob ex-mormons of their voice, their right to give an opinion? If you believe and are happy, get on with it. Stop trying to silence people. It must be an insecurity. People leave the church and you feel insecure about your beliefs. So, you try to silence them to make yourself feel better.

      Protesting is not the same as attacking. You aren’t persecuted. You’re criticized. Stop playing the victim.

      You try leaving a cult and then abandoning your friends and family within it for the rest of your life. Let’s see you leave it alone.

    • When we’ve been controlled by something for 24 years (in my case), you can get very angry about the things that make you feel let down by this organisation. Also that it shows so many signs of a destructive cult. And if you feel kept from knowledge, then some people feel the need to share that with other people. The joy of freedom from the church to me has been something I’d be more keen to share than the guilt I felt over pressure to share the gospel.

    • Why is it that active Mormons are hell bent on annoying inactive members, non-members, former members. Basically why is it so difficult for Mormons to just shut up about yourselves. Stop telling and start doing! And please, if you see a person’s lights are off, their house is dark, it’s after 9:00PM, please, don’t assume that is an invitation to bang on the door, ring the door and so selfishly intrude an another person’s solitude. I promise you that it is ENOUGH to tolerate your “holier than thou” attitude on a daily basis. Don’t need you inviting yourselves into our domicile.

      • Mormon missionaries and the “visiting teachers” and “home teachers” do that all the time. Mormons have real issues with boundaries. I’ve taken to checking the peephole and answering the door for them in a bathrobe. I like to make them feel uncomfortable for interrupting my life and time, as is right. An uninvited popover from someone who is not a friend or relative deserves to be made awkward… BECAUSE IT IS!

    • Jeff, I’m still an active Mormon, but Kate Kelly is actually correct in what she is saying. Question her motives all you want (or mine), but the Church is technically “gas-lighting” (changing the its own meaning of words to suit a point) in regard to women and the priesthood. Women in the early Church routinely pronounced blessings (by the laying on of hands), and the minutes of the Relief Society organization clearly shows that the women received “keys” over the organization and were “ordained” (Emma was ordained to “preside over the society just as the Presidency presides over the Church”). Joseph also initiated women into the “Anointed Quorum.” (you’ll have to actually look into your own religion’s history to know what the “Anointed Quorum” is because the Church has whitewashed it from its own narrative of history.

    • no Jeff, it’s not for attention maybe for some but you ask why we can’t leave it alone I have heard this over and over again, and for me and I’m sure for most it’s because of one thing. My family is still in the church oh sorry the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and so I personally am heartbroken over the fact that they are involved in this web of lies that started with Joseph Smith.

    • Ah – so let me see. It’s ok if 80,000 people go out to tell everyone that their beliefs are wrong and to become a mormon. (not to mention the constant need for active members to push religion in every conversation with everyone) But if you find out the truth about the so-called church, and tell people it’s a hoax, you’re boobing and an attention whore? Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful??? Part of the problem is the enormous amount of trust that was placed in the church that we find was misplaced. The enormous amounts of time and money that had been invested, that we cannot get back. It takes time to unweave from something that you were so tightly woven into, and many of the strands will never be removed. It is an excruciating journey that at this moment you simply cannot understand.

  2. “The Church”, “The Church”, “The Church”. I think it would give greater clarity to the conversation if references to “The Church” were to include the full name. “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, “The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints.” It is Jesus Christ who is directing this, his church. This is not the church of men and or women.

    • how exactly is Jesus Christ directing his church? Church leaders stated that they get revelation the same way as normal members (warm feelings in the belly). They have no closer connection to god than anyone else in this world.

      Do you think that Jesus Christ directed his Church to go on a hateful anti-gay agenda which lead people to suicide?

      Did Jesus Christ direct his Church leaders to spout racist remarks all over the place?

      Did Jesus Christ give his leaders revelation to claim that no human will ever walk on moon? Did he also show Brigham Young visions of Quakers who live on the moon?

      Did Jesus Christ tell women to cover their shoulders and to put some more lipstick on, so they don’t look like men?

      This is what Jesus Christ says through his apostles: https://youtu.be/v2DhEAn0Vzs?t=35s (Don’t worry. It’s not Anti-Mormon. It’s a speech from Elder Ballard)

      • The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has NOT gone on a hateful anti gay whatever you would like to call it. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stands up for its beliefs in knowing that acting on gay tendencies is not what our father in heaven would have us do or be… (Why are men and women created differently… Read the bible for that answer!) so they don’t say yeah everyone be gay cause we know it isn’t what Heavenly Father wants but we still love those and care about those who are struggling with those problems

      • if the lds church is a cult what is yours is it a church and if it is who governs it me or God i remember that reading the new testament i found that the original church of christ that he founded at the beginning was called a sect by by he jews and others is it not true? you do the same i bet you can not tell me that your church is governed by christ and if you do you are simply blinded period.

      • if the lds church is a cult what is yours is it a church and if it is who governs it me or God i remember that reading the new testament i found that the original church of christ that he founded at the beginning was called a sect by by he jews and others is it not true? you do the same i bet you can not tell me that your church is governed by christ and if you do you are simply blinded period.mik i think you got it wrong jesus condemn those who lie down with those of their same sex did not he? besides he always established men and woman did not he? he said husbands love your wives and wives love your husbands he never said husband love your husband where did him?why to play the game here, come on please.

    • Uh, ok. Then the so-called “brethren” would be happy to produce Christ at the next Generic Conference, or at least some Christ-like teachings.

      But really, it’s the church of Tommy Monson, or Gordon Hinckley, etc. Every time a “prophet” dies, the Utah media write all kinds of stories about how the church will change with the new leader. Because at the end of the day, it’s about what that guy wants.

    • No, she just compared it to a nine-headed creature in Greek mythology. One of the heads was immortal, and when that head was cut off (as I recall) eight more grew back. It always had nine heads and could not be destroyed or injured for any length of time.

      Don’t get me wrong or think I’m being a stinker. I’m a Marvel fan as well. I just happen to also be a student of mythology of all cultures.

    • Alas. The Sisyphean task of the educational system.

      Don’t stop researching at the movie level, Steve… try Greek mythology.

    • Steve, seriously dude, do what Kate Kelly is advocating: read a book (comic books don’t count). Hydra is a creature from Greek mythology. Better yet, go read the original minutes of the organization of the Relief Society in Church History, then try to tell yourself that women weren’t given keys and priesthood.

  3. With all due respect, this article is pretty silly. Even ignoring Ms. Kelly’s remarks, the idea that it be possible for anyone to “join the LDS priesthood,” much less that it be “all-male,” is patently ridiculous. It‘s like say that women should be allowed to join the Buddhist natural gas, but can’t because it’s all-male. It’s not so much inaccurate as nonsensical (using that term in its most literal sense).

    To be honest, it sounds like the author not only has no idea what priesthood is, but that didn’t even bother to read the essay in question.

  4. The facts are the facts, women were ordained to be RS presidents etc. but there never ever was any woman who was ever ordained to any office in the Aaronic or Melchizedek Priesthood and she is the being disingenuous to try and portray it as such. Many words in English have multiple meanings that are context sensitive and as a lawyer she know how to use that to spin her own version of things as she sees fit. Also, the church did not choose to extend the gospel to the Gentiles etc, it was commanded by God to do so. THAT is how the church works, not drifting with the flow of public opinion.

  5. Why doesn’t she found The Church of Kelly of Latter-day Women? If she believes the LDS Church is lying why would she want to be a part of it? Kelly believes that the LDS Church will just fade away if it doesn’t see things the way she sees things! Time will tell Kelly — time will tell.

  6. Truly sad that an individual of such capacity would waste her talent tearing down others rather than building up. That is a shame. Her rose colored glasses are illuminating

    • who is she tearing down? She is empowering women and enabling them to reach higher than the crap they are offered in the mormon church.

      • Ummm. . . that “crap” happens to be the most female emboldening and leadership organization in the world. Name me another organization of any global size that has girls ages 12-18, and all women speak in front of large audience, calls them to be presidents and in presidencies, has them give sermons weekly, teach Sunday School to men and women, sit in council, etc? Let’s put things in context here.

        • BUT all of those positions and calling are presided over by men. Even the relief society president has to get bishop approval before going forward with her planned activities. I would say you are mansplaining but its more sheridew-explaining

  7. Kate is really a piece of work. All throughout her “plight”, she has claimed that she “loves” the church and believes the church is true, etc. But she wants “equal rights” for women. Now she is claiming that what the church is publishing are “lies”? Kate, you must have a screw loose somewhere. If the church is publishing “lies” as you claim, why on earth would you want to be a part of it? Just go on your way and find another pointless cause to fight for. You lost this battle. Quit being a sore loser.

    • This is a NEW publication from The Church®. Therefore, it DIDN’T EXIST when she previously said she loved the The Church® and believed it was true. This NEW publication IS full of lies. That doesn’t make her past statements untrue. You are being nothing short of disingenuous to claim that and call names.

  8. The interview is spot on. The essays are chuck full of examples where the church is changing the definition and meaning of words that are not only used outside the church but have been used the exact same way in the church in the past. (Gas lighting) For years the word “translate” meant the same thing both in the church and out. Now the church says it means ” To receive a revelation from god inspired by an ancient writing in a different language that may or may not say the same thing in said language, the use of ancient translation tools or magic rocks is purely optional and at the translators discretion.” That’s crap.

  9. Let me tell you the Prophet and Apostles know exactly what is going on. Don’t ever think they don’t.
    That is why you are where you are today. Heavenly Father is at the head of this Church. Jesus Christ is our redeeming Savior. He is your Savior as well and will someday redeem your soul from the lies you are telling against his true Gospel. So sad for you, and sorry for the ones you are leading astray.

  10. As a forward thinking female member, Kate Kelly does not speak for me. I completely disagree with her. I have never felt oppressed, minimilized, marginalized, or lied to as a female member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In fact, the emphasis President Hinckley placed on education in my youth led me to earning a Master’s Degree. I feel celebrated and cherished as a woman in this church. I am often asked to share my opinion in councils and looked to as a leader. This video is sad to me in so many ways. My questions to Kate and her followers is this: do you believe this is Christ’s restored church led by a living Prophet? If you do, why not follow him? If you don’t, why not move on?

  11. As a forward thinking female member of the LDS church, Kate Kelly does not speak for me. In fact, I disagree completely with her. I have never felt minimized, marginalized, oppressed, or unimportant in the church. Not on a global level or by any of my local leaders. In fact, I feel honored and celebrated and cherished as a woman. I have had numerous leadership roles and my opinion is often asked for whether in council meeting or every day life. One small example I think of was how President Hinckley always encouraged education and training for men AND women. There has always been so much emphasis for women to be self-sufficient (in my lifetime) that I’ve never even questioned this. I’ve earned a masters degree and have a successful career.
    The ordain women movement is confusing to me. My question to those in it is this: do you believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ’s restored church on the earth led by a living prophet or not? If you do, why not follow him? If you don’t, why not leave it alone?

  12. As a forward thinking female member of the LDS church, Kate Kelly does not speak for me. In fact, I disagree completely with her. I have never felt minimized, marginalized, oppressed, or unimportant in the church. Not on a global level or by any of my local leaders. In fact, I feel honored and celebrated and cherished as a woman. I have had numerous leadership roles and my opinion is often asked for whether in council meeting or every day life. One small example I think of was how President Hinckley always encouraged education and training for men AND women. There has always been so much emphasis for women to be self-sufficient (in my lifetime) that I’ve never even questioned this. I’ve earned a master’s degree and have a successful career.
    The ordain women movement is confusing to me. My question to those in it is this: do you believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ’s restored church on the earth led by a living prophet or not? If you do, why not follow him? If you don’t, why not leave it alone?

    • Thank You!!! Like you I have never felt anything but cherished and honored as a woman. I was taught the doctrine regarding there being a mother in heaven from day one with the missionaries. I never saw the differing roles of wife, mother, relief society member, and sister as less important than those of husband, father, and priesthood holder. Women who do see them as less important scare me. As an educator I have seen this kind of thing in other areas of the world. Female teachers often have a perspective that girls can’t learn math and science as well as boys. If there is oppression within the church it is not being perpetrated by the men in leadership but by our very own sisters who view those of us that are happy in our different yet equal roles as victims of brainwashing or as seriously misguided women who are too weak to stand up for ourselves. Well I am neither and I am standing up for myself. Katy, if you don’t believe in the living prophet then that is your agency. However, I do believe and that is my agency. Please go find a church that you can believe in and practice it and leave the rest of us that choose to be here alone.

  13. “Leave the church alone, leave the church alone!” Tired of hearing this junk. I bet Bernie Madoff would love it if people would just leave him alone too. When we wake up to the scam after dedicating our lives to it, we aren’t just going to walk away like it was US that did something wrong. It was this so-called Church that did something wrong by misrepresenting itself over and over again, my whole life. I would never have gone on a mission for this church had I known that the founder was “marrying” his teenage foster daughters and his friend’s wives. Never. I wasted years of my life and thousands of dollars and you expect me to just walk away with a shrug of my shoulders? Not a chance.

    • Why seek the Priesthood of an organization you believe is lying? Somebody may thoughtfully disagree with the church, but to claim it is evil and repressive is small-minded and lazy. Look objectively and you can clearly see a force for good. Take a look at the welfare programs and distribution centers and tell me the grand plot of oppression and lies. No one is compelled to be a member; you attend by choice or your parents’ choice. Stop eating dirt and go for a walk. The train goes forward, despite the yapping dogs.

  14. For those of you that may have slept through class… Hydra was a Greek mythology reference.

    Ex members have every right to express their opinions and discuss the facts,however uncomfortable for the rest of you, about the LDS church.

    Isn’t that free agency? Or is that only allowed when you agree/believe everything the ” leaders” tell you?

    Interesting how Mormons and their hundreds of thousands of missionaries spend their lives trying push their beliefs on everyone they meet… Their ceaseless “opinions” are of course vital and everyone else is just ” irrelevant”.

  15. Funny that she claims that the church has never addressed these issues before when these “new” essays are basically collections of what general authorities have said on the various topics over the years. This is nothing new.

    • It’s new SPIN. They took old talks and added NEW spin to make them into something they weren’t previously. Go read them individually and you’ll never get the idea that the talk is specifically addressing these issues. It’s the work of full-time paid PR employees, NOT revelation.

  16. Wow!! This is an example of a woman’s rage running amok! Mass protest against the LDS Church and then running to join Planned Parenthood! the abortion black market! Sounds like this woman forgot to take her Meds and is in desperate need of psychotherapy.

  17. Probably not, Steve. For those familiar with Greek mythology: Hydra possessed at least nine heads and, each time one was cut off, it was replaced by two more.

    The Hydra was killed by Heracles as the second of his Twelve Labors.

  18. Wow!!! Looks like this woman is blindly running amok with psychotic rage! From the mass protest against the LDS Church over priesthood and then running to join the Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Sounds like she forgot to take her Meds and is in desperate need for pychotherapy. Hope she gets the help that she needs to stabilize herself.

  19. This woman has major boundary issues. This excommunicated woman seems to think it is her job to change what “other people believe” and “how they look at things” about their religion and she thinks it is her job to control what a religion (that does not include her) does or does not do. Honey…..the only person or entity that you have a right to change or control…..is yourself. It is not up to you, to redefine how the leaders of the Church “see things” or “believe about things.” Maybe your inability to keep healthy boundaries with other people….is the very reason that they need to create a healthy boundary FOR YOU by excommunication in the firstplace. You need to learn how to develop accountability for yourself instead of believing it is your job to change and control everyone else through passive aggressive manipulation and out of control behaviors.

  20. It’s clear she has no intention of coming back – from taking yet another pot shot at the LDS church to her change in wardrobe. She’s done – if she ever truly believed in the first place. No sense worrying about anything she has to say from here on.

  21. Jeff, “Why is it” that Mormons spend their entire life annoying the living daylights out of ex-members, inactive members, non members?
    How hard would it be for Mormons to live what they preach To pay earnest attention to their own Article’s of Faith?
    To stop imposing themselves on others? To stop knocking on another person’s door at 9:00PM when all of the lights are off and any normal person can see that the occupants have retired for the evening. And most of all, why is it that Mormons get butt hurt so easily if others don’t agree with them. How about taking your own advice “stop boobing”. Stop annoying! Stop presenting yourselves as “holier than thou”. Stop MLM Scams and crimes of affinity. Go live your live and STOP offending others.

  22. Thank you for your viewpoint. I agree- the CJCLDS has been pushed by our questions into trying to explain itself. And I think that is a very good thing. Women represent the majority of members of the the CJCLDS. While I see that many women still find comfort in the patriarchal tradition, many of us have awakened to the pain and suffering that arise because of inequality. And it’s not surprising that those with the power and privilege have a hard time seeing it.

  23. This is mildly amusing, everything she said is addressed in the scriptures, including gaslighting. Women are not erased from history, there are many stories of women in the scriptures, and some like Ruth are scripture heroes! As for black men being ordained into the priesthood, there were numerous accounts where the lamanites became righteous people, worthy of the priesthood. To be honest this women is probably able to be looked at as an internet troll, taking things over the top, and bringing it into the real world.

    • “there were numerous accounts where the lamanites became righteous people, worthy of the priesthood.”
      Yup…as soon as they became white and delightsome. I don’t even know where to begin on that one. :)

  24. When you have no legitimate response, attack the messenger.

    2 And it came to pass that I said unto them that I knew that I had spoken hard things against the wicked, according to the truth; and the righteous have I justified, and testified that they should be lifted up at the last day; wherefore, the guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center.
    3 And now my brethren, if ye were righteous and were willing to hearken to the truth, and give heed unto it, that ye might walk uprightly before God, then ye would not murmur because of the truth, and say: Thou speakest hard things against us.

    • Are you serious? 2 of the 3 things Joseph Smith “translated” have been scientifically proven to be false and you’re going to rely on the 3rd?

  25. There is not enough time in a 3 hour Sunday church block, 1 hour Seminary class, or 1 hour Institute class to delve deeply in to church history and very fine doctrinal points. The material that the church is presenting in these essays has always been available for anyone who cares to look at it. At some point people have to take responsibility for their own education and quite saying “we were never told”. The responsibility ultimately rests with the individual when it comes to learning about church history and the Gospel in general.
    Only an infant would expect to sit back and have its food chewed for it.

  26. i think it’s hilarious that Kate Kelly would accuse the church of lying. I don’t believe that she or ordain women have been up front and honest about their true feelings and intent from the beginning. They have tried to sound moderate by stating that they are simply petitioning the general authorities to ask God for further revelation which would grant priesthood to women. The reality is that Kate’s true beliefs range from agnostic to atheist. She doesn’t believe in or care whether or not God exists.

    Someone with this belief wouldn’t simply “petition” for more revelation. They would engage in a calculated campaign designed to force change upon a church outside the realm of revelation. The problem is that if you come out and say that, you can’t convince believing members of the worthiness of your cause, and the likelihood of success decreases. This forces these groups into deceitful positions that seem more reasonable to those who still believe.

    That’s hardly the hallmark of someone who can credibly call out deception in others. She is a trained activist attorney, and everything that has played out in her story was planned for and exploited for personal gain in some form. She was either going to be the hero who changed the church, or the martyr that was kicked out by it. She didn’t care either way, because she doesn’t believe or care about God. If that’s who you are, fine. However, don’t hide it just to trick others into believing in the worthiness of your cause.

  27. People leave the Church, bit it seems they can’t leave the Church alone. Kate Kelly has every right to have her say. But if doesn’t believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be true, then I suggest her time would be better spent find one that she does believe in and focus on that. However, I am sure she will make her own decision. Personally, my view after my study of the issue shows to me that the Church has never lied. Some have misunderstood and some seek not to understand.

  28. Actually, I feel very sorry for this woman. She is just kidding herself. It’s sad that she took so many other women down her path. She will look for things wrong with the church the rest of her life.

  29. Why aren’t men complaining that they can’t procreate and give birth to children? Why would a woman want to have ALL the responsibilities (including the priesthood). All I know is that the doctrine of the church teaches us to Love, be honest, serve one another as well as other good things that helps to make me a happy person. Wasn’t it Jeffrey Holland who said something to the effect,”imperfect people is all that God has to work with, if He can deal with it,we should too!” To error is human. If the church is not true, what have I lost from living the way it teaches me to live? If it is true, dang!!! Bonus!!! One thing about it, we all have a death sentence. I am gonna keep trying to live how Christ taught me. I love you all?

    • Equating childbearing (a biological function) to holding the priesthood (a religious function) is an inane and red herring-like comparison. As soon as childbirth is a part of Sunday services, THEN you can call them equal.

  30. I guess I don’t get it. If you think the Church is true, that it is led by Prophets who speak to God, and do His will how could you question things. Just saying.

  31. I think that it is interesting that Ms. Kelly’s beef is supposedly with the leadership of the church and not the gospel. She claims to believe the gospel and to feel that the ordinances of the priesthood are valid and important and that they and other ordinances are something to desire. Yet, she has decided that she will not dress according to the dictates of those covenants. Her logic just does not fit. If she found that these covenants and the principles behind them are important, then it goes to reason that she would follow the principles behind them whether or not she is a member or even a current partaker of the covenant. Something does not fit.

  32. She’s quite judgmental. “Mormons have a hard time with nuance”.

    She “now believes is a cult”? So now that she’s left the Church it’s a “cult”. Not before?

    I guess I don’t get the nuance there.

  33. I became inactive several years ago for health reasons, it’s too difficult for me to attend meetings. I have NEVER been “bothered” by active members. I joined the church in 2000 and went through the Temple in 2001. I became inactive in 2006. I always found members to be sincere and loving. People posting so many negative comments here, I have no idea where they are coming from. As to this woman wanting the Priesthood, why doesn’t she just start her own church at Planned Parenthood////

  34. Religion is a personal choice. Worry about yourself and leave others out of it. This church will roll forward with or without you. Millions of women think you are a joke. Christ decides you has the priesthood not people. Take it or leave it.

  35. Kate Kelly is only trying to get attention, if she believes in the church then she needs to follow the leaders. If she was a member of any organization and tried to change the protocols of the organization just to please herself, she would sacked. What she is doing attacking the church is not new, many ex Mormons do this because of Guilt or revenge, it is a tactic used by criminals, many of them get caught because they cant leave the crime alone, revisiting the crime scene or giving hints to people close to them alerting police to them. This women is a criminal and God will in his due time sort this women out. If she believes in God she should respect his laws. priesthood in the scriptures has and will always be in the male domain, at times in History God has given women some authority and this is what God wanted, just like Polligamy,, god will allow it in certain times, but it must be ordained by him. Every person on the church has been told and taught that they can pray to God to find out the truth, this person has that right and can do so to find truth. In Gods appointed time she will be judged and given the appropriate sentence unless she repents and respects Gods appointed leaders in my 35 years as a member of the church has never led me astray, I am the happiest person when I am living the Gospel and it strengthens my testimony and brings peace in my life.

  36. I am not from your area and I am not a Mormon. What I will say is that it is dismaying to see such cruel and snide remarks from people who call themselves Christian. I don’t even think I saw that the word. You guys are a bit thin skinned. Someone was in your church and wanted to enter the priesthood. After being ridiculed for opening the discussion she decided to disagree with you in public. So now you loving folks attack. Nothing changes in history. If you speak out about the faith wherein you were raised there will always be those who instead of disagreeing in love, will instead attack your intellect and your personhood. You guys are very scary.


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