‘Fake money’ has a real purpose, but it isn’t to buy things

Photo: Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff

MORGAN COUNTY, Utah, June 19, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Area businesses are being warned to watch out for fake money that looks a lot like the real thing — except for one detail.

Although the bills are the same size as and have all the markings of real U.S. currency, they have large pink Chinese symbols on the front and back.

On Monday night, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office posted photos on Facebook to make everyone aware that some residents recently found a large amount of this fake money and turned it in to authorities.

A quick look at a few websites, including coinbooks.org, indicates that these bills are used for training bank tellers in China how to recognize and read actual U.S. paper money.

According to comments on some websites, the Chinese characters printed in pink reportedly say:

Training Money 
Only for Practice – Circulation Forbidden

The concern is that someone may obtain some of these “practice notes” and try to pass them as legal tender. They make an interesting novelty item, but they aren’t worth a trip to jail.

“If anyone tries to use this currency at any business in the county, let us know immediately,” the sheriff’s office Facebook post says, adding, “If you find a bag of this fake currency let us know. After you are done going through the emotions of extremely excited to depressed after you realize it’s not real of course….”

Photo: Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff


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