Family from Romania finds help, friendship when Kaysville cops respond

Kaysville Police and Fire Department crews came to the assistance of a family from Romania and even spent some fun time with the kids. Photos provided by Kaysville PD with family's permission

KAYSVILLE, Utah, April 22, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A family from Romania received friendship and more when Kaysville police officers and fire crews responded to an “unknown problem” Thursday.

The family does not speak English and kept saying “hospital” when what they actually wanted was a dentist, said the Kaysville Police Department on Facebook.

“Thanks to Kaysville Fire Department we were able to provide them with medical attention,” the post said.

It also was discovered that the family had no car seats and was unaware of the laws requiring the use of these safety features.

“We were able to obtain car seats from both Time for Families and the Kaysville Victim Advocate,” the Kaysville PD post said. “We then inserted the car seats and showed the parents how to properly work them.”

Officers, along with Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Cyr, used the language line to spend time “talking with the family, playing with the children, reading them books, while providing drinks and comfort.”

“We are so proud of the work by many yesterday and know this family left happy knowing their children were safe and obtained the help they needed. Great job!” said Kaysville Police Department.


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