Family of fallen Ogden Police Officer Nate Lyday issues statement calling for peace, unity

Officer Nate Lyday. Image: Ogden City Police Department

OGDEN, Utah, June 3, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The family of Ogden Police Officer Nate Lyday, who died in the line of duty on May 28, has issued a statement calling for peace and unity.

The statement reads:

Our family is truly humbled by the love and support we are receiving at a time of terrible loss that has happened, not only for us, but the whole community. Strangers become friends as they show tender kindness towards us. We feel your love wrapped around us carrying us through this tragedy. We see the beautiful flowers and thoughtful gifts left at Nate’s squad car and tears flow freely as we read your notes of love and support.

We want to thank the courageous men and women who put on a uniform and walk out the door every day. We recognize the sacrifices made by them and their families, who wait for their safe return. They place their lives on the line without hesitation to protect and serve their communities. Nathan and his wife Ashley have given the ultimate sacrifice. He died a HERO and he will never be forgotten!

Globally, hatred and unrest ring out ever so loudly. Let us all replace those feelings with forgiveness and love. May we all find peace… let us unite together to make this world a better place… let love replace hatred.

With our deepest gratitude we thank each and every one of you!

A rolling candlelight vigil is planned for Thursday night to honor Lyday.

The vigil is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. at 2186 Lincoln Ave. The complete timeline and route are shown at the end of this story.

“It is expected that the rolling vigil will last about an hour as it travels through the city, slowing at various locations which are important to Officer Lyday and his family,” a news release from Ogden City says. “The rolling vigil will include a small procession of OPD motors and police vehicles, Officer Lyday’s family and Officer Lyday’s police vehicle, which will be memorialized and carried on a flatbed trailer.”

His police vehicle will be placed in front of Lindquist Field, where it will remain through the funeral services. This will be the end of the rolling procession and a gathering place for those who are attending.

According to the news release, approximately 2,000 blue LED candles will be distributed at the front of the Francom Public Safety Building and along the route at the slow down locations.

“Our hope is that this vigil will be an opportunity for Officer Lyday’s family, his Ogden Police family, and his community family, to remember, honor and mourn him.”

The Memorial Vigil itinerary is as follows:

  • Start — 2186 Lincoln Ave
  • End — 2300 Lincoln Ave
  • Slow Down — 2100 Custer
  • Slow Down — Country Hills/Eccles (McKay Dee)
  • Slow Down — Bonneville High (Front)
  • Slow Down — Municipal Building (Front)


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