Farmington police, families seek info on missing children

FARMINGTON, Utah, July 27, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — The Farmington Police Department is seeking information on four juveniles it says ran away together on July 25.

The missing teens are 14-year-old Danica Bell, and 15-year-old Catherine “Catie” Perez, Ezra Bawden and Brandon Kuhn.

“Previous to this on July 24th , Ezra and Brandon were reported as juvenile runaways, but returned home the following day, only to run away from home later that day again,” the Farmington Police statement says.

“Based upon investigative efforts and tips from the public, it is believed that the four of them are together. It is also known that they have been in contact with friends via various social media platforms, and are taking measures to hide their location. Various investigative techniques are being utilized in an attempt to locate these children.”

All four children were listed as “juvenile runaways” in the National Crime Information
Center’s database at the time the initial reports were made, the statement says.

“At this time there is no evidence available to indicate that these children were abducted against their will, or that they are being transported or harbored by an adult. The criteria required for an Amber Alert has not been met at this time.”

To contact the police with any information, call 801-451-5453.

A poster issued by family members and shared on Facebook, with requests to share, states the belief that the children may have been abducted and are in danger. It appears below.

Image: Facebook


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