Firefighters winning battle against current Utah wildfires

Source: Utah Wildfire Info

UTAH, July 22, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Firefighters are winning the battle against most of the current Utah wildfires.

The wildfire season is by no means over, but containment levels of most current fires looks good.

To see information on each of the current and recently defeated fires, check below.

Dennis Hill Fire — 85% contained. Has burned 2,608 acres.

Allen Fire — 90% contained. Has burned 40 acres.

► Big Hollow Fire — Out. Burned 438 acres

Split Fire — Uncontained. Has burned 18 acres. Caused by lightning.

Howell Peak Fire — 75% contained. Has burned 700 acres.

► Big Summit Fire — Out. Burned 8,461 acres.

Strawberry Fire — 50% contained. Has burned 43 acres. Lightning caused.

Veyo West Fire — 99% contained. Burned 2,809 acres.

► Cottonwood Trail Fire — Out. Burned 1,631 acres.

Firefighters mop up after parts of the Strawberry Fire are extinguished. Photo: Utah Fire Info


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