Former child actress files complaint against Tom Sizemore for alleged abuse on Utah film set

Tom Sizemore. File photo: Jayel Abraham/Wikipedia CC 2.0

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 7, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Former child actress Kiersten Pyke on Monday filed a complaint against actor Tom Sizemore, accusing him of sexually abusing her when she played his daughter in the film “Born Killers” while it was being shot in Utah in 2003.

The complaint accuses Sizemore, who was in his early 40s at the time of the shoot, of molesting Pyke, who was then 11 years old. The complaint, submitted to 3rd District Court, says that the incident happened on set, with approximately 20 people present, including the girl’s mother.

The complaint, filed by Pyke’s attorney, alleges that:

“A scene in the movie called for Kiersten, who played the Sizemore
character’s daughter, to sit on Sizemore’s lap, as he was laying down in front of a
Christmas tree. Kiersten sat down on his lap for the filming sequence.

“For the filming of this scene, Kiersten dressed in a flannel nightgown
and was wearing underpants. While filming the scene, Sizemore put his hand underneath Kiersten’s nightgown, and underneath her underpants. He then placed his finger into her private parts and fondled her.”

Pyke lost focus and began to cry, the complaint says. Pyke first told her mother she was sick, then told her that the man playing “Daddy” had touched her inappropriately.

“The police were called and a police report was filed,” the complaint alleges. “Sizemore was initially fired from the movie. Kiersten’s parents met with the producers, who related that they were compelled to hire Sizemore back, and instead fired Kiersten from the film.”

The complaint said Pyke has suffered longtime damage stemming from the incident:

  • Pyke has developed a number of serious mental, psychological and emotional problems, caused substantially from this event.
  • Pyke has developed substance addictions and problems resulting from the sexual assault by Sizemore.
  • She has developed significant trust issues with people, especially men.
  • She has become co-dependent, believing that “no one saved me” from this event.
  • She has trouble watching movies where young children are involved, wondering if that same type of event has happened to those children.
  • She has developed substantial post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of these horrible events.
  • She has developed a condition where she blames herself for what happened, even though that is totally illogical.
  • She has had several emotional breakdowns, which are attributable to this incident.
  • She does not sleep very well because intrusive, traumatic thoughts invade her equanimity and her sleep.
  • She has developed a bad relationship with her parents, whom she has blamed for this event.
  • Pyke had a failed marriage which was due in significant part to problems she has carried with her from this sexual assault.

The complaint also alleges that because of sexual abuse, Pyke has had a lifelong battle with abuse of alcohol, drugs and sex.

“Kiersten turned to these addictions to fill the void that Sizemore left after he robbed and took Kiersten’s innocence at such a young age. The sexual abuse at such a young age was a pivotal time in Kiersten Pyke’s life and impacted every relationship she has ever had.”

The plaintiff will be seeking a judgement of more than $3 million, the complaint stated.

No charges have been filed against Sizemore in the case, and it is unknown if the case will go to trial.


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