Former state Rep. Becky Edwards announces run for Mike Lee’s U.S Senate seat

Becky Edwards. Photo: Twitter/@beckyforutah

UTAH, May 27, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Former Utah State Rep. Becky Edwards, who served in District 20 from 2009 through 2018, has become the first announced challenger for Mike Lee’s U.S. Senate seat in the 2022 election.

“I made an exciting announcement today! I’m running for U.S. Senate,” Edwards said on her personal Twitter account. , which directed readers to her campaign Twitter account.

“This is a pivotal moment for Utah and our nation.”

Edwards, a Republican, as is Lee, added a tweet on that account Thursday afternoon.

“In 2022, we have the opportunity to elect a new senator, one who will prioritize the values of respect, honesty, civility and faith in the people of Utah.”

In 2018, her last term before deciding not to seek reelection, Edwards was the primary sponsor of HCR 7, a resolution by which Utah officially “recognized the existence of a changing climate, factors that contribute to these changes, and the potential negative effects on the state of Utah,” her Wikipedia biography says.

HCR 7 notes that Utah’s economy or its “global competitiveness” should not be constrained by efforts to mitigate or prepare for the effects of climate change. With HCR 7, Utah became the only state with a Republican-led legislature to officially recognize climate change.

Multiple potential candidates have noted their interest in running against Lee. Even Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt, a registered Democrat who has a

Park City residence, said in November he has thought of running.

Utah political pundits have hinted at at least one other high-profile Republican woman is planning to challenge Lee.

Lee, a two-term incumbent, announced last month that he intends to run for reelection in 2022.


  1. So pleased to see a strong candidate challenging Mike Lee for the Senate seat. I voted for Lee, but I can no longer feel good about supporting a man who was will to head the re-election campaign for the most destructive man to hold the position of President in my lifetime. I think that Becky Edwards is a person that I could look up to. Another term for Lee would not be a healthy thing for Utah Republicans. Good luck Becky Edwards!


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