Friend of teen killed in Mapleton go-kart accident sells holiday parking spots to raise money for ‘Bridger Cole Robison Memorial Scholarship Fund’

Bridger Robison (left) and Wyatt Alvey are shown in happier times outside the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop. Photo: Mapleton Police Department

MAPLETON, Utah, July 24, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A Mapleton teen has come up with a way to make sure people remember a friend he will never forget.

Wyatt Alvey decided to sell parking spaces after his friend, 13-year-old Bridger Cole Robison, died last week in a collision between a vehicle and the boy’s go-kart. The money raised by the sale of the parking spots, close to Mapleton’s Pioneer Day all-day celebration location at Ira Allen Park, will be used to establish a scholarship fund named for Bridger: the Bridger Cole Robison Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“Today’s #mapletonpioneerdays post is centered on a great young man doing what he can to make a tragic situation better,” a Friday Facebook post from the Mapleton Police Department says.

“Yesterday we got the opportunity to meet Wyatt Alvey, a local youth who was close friends with Bridger Robison. As you know, Bridger passed away last week as a result of a tragic car accident. Wyatt is a man with a plan. Instead of us explaining Wyatt’s plan, we asked him to write it up for you himself. Here it is:

Parking for Bridger

Bridger and I (Wyatt Alvey) were best friends. We did everything together and ever since we were little, we had a lot of the same hopes and dreams. I’m honored to be able to raise money towards the “Bridger Cole Robison Memorial Scholarship Fund” and with the approval and support of my parents, The Robison family and Mapleton City, we will be opening up our lot for parking located at 1767 South 800 West, directly across the street from Ira Allen Park, for the Pioneer Day Celebration this Saturday. I am selling parking passes for $25/each. Any donations help and will be greatly appreciated. We will sell them until we run out of space. Please text Lacey Alvey at 801-603-9707 to reserve your spot.

The Mapleton Police Department wrote that 800 West would be closed, but a pass provided by Wyatt would allow holders to drive through.

“Thanks to Wyatt, as well as all the youth out there that are working to make a difference. Mapleton PD supports you!”


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