FrontRunner track repairs underway in Centerville; could impact morning commute

FrontRunner train. File photo: Flickr

CENTERVILLE, Utah, Aug. 15, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Repairs to FrontRunner tracks are underway Sunday after a motorhome ran off Interstate 15 near Parrish Lane in Centerville and hit the tracks, a UTA spokesman says.

Carl Arky, Utah Transit Authority spokesman, said if all goes as hoped, FrontRunner’s morning schedule for cities north of Salt Lake will not be impacted because the damage will be repaired.

Another possibility is that FrontRunner trains will need to slow down slightly when they hit the portion of the track, at least until final repairs can be completed. That would also slow the schedule, Arky said.

“We have crews working on it, and they have all day and all night to make the repairs,” Arky said.

The speed of repairs depends on the severity of the damage, the elements of the tracks that were damaged, and whether UTA has replacement parts, Arky said. Besides the visible railroad ties and the metal tracks, a lot of electronic parts are unseen, yet vital to the operation.

Arky said he is not sure of the exact nature of the damage, which specialists are still assessing. Frontrunner does not run on Sunday, he said, so no schedules were impacted today.

He is hopeful any repairs will be completed before morning, but said UTA cannot know for sure at this point.

The best places to check for late-night or morning updates on possible delays or bus bridges, Arky said, will be UTA’s Facebook page or Twitter page, which will be updated as information becomes available.

Photo: UDOT traffic camera in Centerville


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